Introducing the Mercedes-Benz C350 e plug-in hybrid

By Staff Writers, October 7 2016
Introducing the Mercedes-Benz C350 e plug-in hybrid

The Mercedes-Benz C350 e brings the efficiency of plug-in hybrid technology to the German marque’s impressive C-Class range.

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How do you make the best-selling Mercedes-Benz C Class even better? The answer may be less obvious than you think. By adding plug-in hybrid technology to both the C350 Sedan and Estate variants, Mercedes-Benz has unleashed new realms of performance.

How the hybrid technology works

The new C350 e models couple a powerful electric motor with a high-efficiency four-cylinder petrol engine, giving drivers sporty performance with exemplary fuel consumption – yet without compromising on the elements that make them a Mercedes-Benz.

You’ll notice the difference as soon as you start the car – the C350 e turns on virtually silently in electric mode, with the combustion engine usually inactive on start up.

The versatile 60 kilowatt electric motor boasts a convenient range and is available for driving in all-electric mode, for up to 31km when the battery is fully charged, so you can make short city trips without using any petrol.

The hybrid system adds to the performance of the C350 e when required, with the electric motor kicking in to boost the combustion engine under rapid acceleration.

This combined output results in 205kW of power and 600Nm of torque, allowing the C350 e Sedan to cover the 0-100km/h sprint in just 5.9 seconds (6.2 seconds in the estate model) while retaining impressive fuel consumption of just 2.4L/100km.*

The hybrid system also taps into unused energy when braking or coasting to top up the electric battery while you’re on the move so that it can be used later for electric driving or boosting the petrol engine’s performance.

Finished your trip? Simply plug the car into a standard domestic AC socket to recharge the battery from empty to full in around 4 hours.

If you opt for the Mercedes-Benz wall box to be installed^ at your home or business the charging time could be reduced by up to 50%.

Without compromise

While the C350 e is sporty and fuel-efficient, it’s also packed with technology to make your drive more comfortable.

Alongside the familiar range of equipment and appointment options that are available in the C-Class, the C350 e also includes AIRMATIC air suspension as part of its standard specification, along with a further comprehensive range of pre-entry climate control options to cool down or heat up the interior from your Mercedes-Benz electronic key before you even open the door.   

Sporty, efficient and smart

This may all seem like a case of having your cake and eating it too – sensational dynamic performance and improved fuel efficiency, without compromising on luxuries big and small… but the Mercedes-Benz C350 e plug-in hybrid will surpass your expectations.

This article is sponsored by Mercedes-Benz. For more information on the Mercedes-Benz Plug-in Hybrid range, visit

*The declared fuel consumption figures are determined by testing under standardised laboratory conditions to comply with ADR 81/02.  Real world fuel consumption is influenced by many additional factors such as individual driving style, load, traffic and vehicle condition. The declared fuel consumption figure should only be used for the purpose of comparison amongst vehicles.

^ The Wall box is available at additional cost and does not include installation costs which will vary depending on the end user's circumstances.