British Airways’ latest first, business class returns to Sydney

Get ready for a vastly-improved premium travel experience between Sydney and London.

By David Flynn, June 21 2023
British Airways’ latest first, business class returns to Sydney

British Airways’ flagship business class and first class suites will wing their way to Sydney later this year, and they’re all about those sliding doors.

From October 29 2023, the long-range Boeing 777 jets bound for Sydney via Singapore (as flights BA15/BA16) will feature BA’s newest premium cabins.

That means eight of the evolved First suites with personal space and privacy, a 24’’ HD video screen with state-of-the-art Meridian noise-cancelling headphones from Meridian, plus creature comforts such as luxurious Alice Temperley pyjamas and Elemis amenity kits.

British Airways' new Boeing 777 first class.
British Airways' new Boeing 777 first class.

But the biggest win is in business class, where the dorm-like Club World business class and its forward-backward layout makes way for the modern Club Suites with sliding privacy doors, much more personal space and perhaps most importantly, direct aisle access.

British Airways' new Boeing 777 business class.
British Airways' new Boeing 777 business class.

That’s on top of the 18.5” video screen and, when it’s time to sleep, plush bedding from The White Company.

British Airways' new Boeing 777 business class.
British Airways' new Boeing 777 business class.

The Kangaroo Route is British Airways’ longest, stretching for just over 24 hours including a brief Singapore stopover.

The first upgraded Boeing 777 departs London as BA15 on October 30, returning from Sydney as BA16 on November 1; this arrangement will remain in place until the end of March 2024, when the Boeing 787 with Club World takes over once again.

However, the dedicated London-Singapore flight (BA11/BA12) will be moved from the 777 Club Suites to the 787 Club World across the same period, so it seems that Sydney’s upgrade is Singapore’s downgrade – at least if you’re on BA11 or BA12 rather than BA15 or BA16.

The London-Sydney summer swap to the Boeing 777 was repeated across October 2022-March 2023, of course.

British Airways readies upgraded 787 business class, first class

As previously reported by Executive Traveller, British Airways is now upgrading its Boeing 787 fleet to the latest Club Suites business class, with the first of the redone Dreamliners expected to be flying at the end of October.

BA’s original Boeing 787-8s are first in line, an airline spokesperson tells Executive Traveller.

“We remain committed to rolling out our award-winning Club Suite,” the airline says, “and we’re pleased that our Boeing 787-8 aircraft is next to be retrofitted, allowing our customers to experience our latest business class product to even more destinations across our network.” 

BA’s dozen 787-8s – which are typically seen on routes into North America, South America and India – will however take some time to undergo their transformation, meaning the longer-range Boeing 787-9s will have to wait their turn.

British Airways originally planned to have most of the 787-8 and 787-9 jets upgraded, but progress on the fleet-wide program was unavoidable set back by the global pandemic.

Executive Traveller understands the refurbished BA 787-8 business class will sport 31 Club Suites – a slight drop from the previous 35 – with 37 premium economy World Traveller Plus seats, up from 25.

However, as before, the 787-8s won’t be graced with a first class cabin.

In comparison, each upgraded 787-9 will see 38 Club Suites, and 38 premium economy World Traveller Plus seats, along with eight of the new-design first class suites, which like business class includes a sliding privacy door.

27 Aug 2018

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Was hoping this new would come, but unfortunately booked on BA15 for October 15th so looks like i'm stuck in the old club world!

01 Jul 2023

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Looking to book business class from Singapore to London in June 2024. Not sure whether to book BA12 or BA16.  Is there any info available yet as to which flight will have Club World and which has Club Suites?

16 Jul 2023

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We travel on BA15 on 5th December, I cant wait to try the new BA suites, they look a huge upgrade on the old BA business class. All the reviews are very upbeat. Also travelling to Cape Town on BA business class in February and again its the new suites on this route. Great to be lucky enough to be in the new suites on both trips. Cant wait for both trips!!!

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