• Was at the Boeing factory today and there were a whole heap of Turkish airlines 787’s out on the tarmac!

  • I will be transferring all my virgin points over to Singapore before Jan 1. I will then head back to qantas and I don’t think I’ll look back.Even though qantas redemption fees are higher they have more flights, availability, partners and destinations. Happy to pay an extra ~$100 on ...

  • Hi All,Im looking to make a 3 legged multi city award booking using velocity points. It's Sydney to Tel Aviv. SYD to HKG with Virgin, HKG to PEK with Hong Kong Airlines and finally PEK to TLV with Hainan. I am able to book it all on one ticket and have transit times of about 2-3hrs in HKG and PEK...

  • Originally Posted by Moose64 I would be more interested in finding out how you manage to secure a premium cabin seat using points on Qantas - in either F or C Just takes some flexible dates in non peak time and the F5 button!

  • Thanks for the comments eveyone. Managed to secure two seats on QF93 on June 25th. Keen to experience it!

  • Another "Points Plane"?

    May 24, 2019, 11:08 AM

    Originally Posted by EvDolan Originally Posted by siowen Tips for searching? Just have to be smart with what filters you use to search, and be lucky with picking the right dates... ;)Here's another from just now. However, none of the dates are available for booking. DId you find this just...

  • Another "Points Plane"?

    May 23, 2019, 01:28 PM

    Done a fairly decent search in LA on Airbnb and nothing came up. Used some dates in June and also without dates.Not really sure how it works. Are you supposed to use the date you want to fly as the search date?