Cathay Pacific stretches Marco Polo Club frequent flyer status to 2022

Silver, Gold and Diamond members of Cathay Pacific's Marco Polo Club loyalty program will keep their status without flying.

By Chris Chamberlin, January 29 2021
Cathay Pacific stretches Marco Polo Club frequent flyer status to 2022

Cathay Pacific is rolling out a further status extension for its March Polo Club members, unlocking an extra year of elite benefits regardless of how much (or how little) each member has flown.

All Marco Polo Club cardholders whose memberships expire throughout 2021 will see their tier remain valid for a further 12 months.

This includes travellers who were due to lose their status in 2020, and had already received a one-year extension into 2021.

"Travel plans continue to be affected by the pandemic," acknowledged Cathay Pacific's Head of Customer Relationships, Cheuk Lo, by email to elite Marco Polo Club members.

"Although new ways to keep us safe are being rolled out, we know it will be some time before COVID-19 is brought under control."

The airline will also extend the validity of unused "mid-tier benefits", such as lounge passes and flight upgrades.

Any such benefits expiring between May and December 2021 will be reissued for a further 12 months, with seven days of their original expiry date.

Previously, Cathay had extended the status of all memberships expiring between May 2020 and April 2021.

For members who'd have lost their elite card in 2020, this means a second year of complimentary status – while for those expecting to lose their tier by April 2021, will mean a single year's boost, as already announced.

The news comes as many other airlines dangle similar incentives to keep their frequent flyers on board, most recently including Emirates, Qatar Airways and Virgin Australia.

PREVIOUS [by David Flynn and Brandon Loo, May 18 2020] | Cathay Pacific will extend the status of Marco Polo Club members through as far as April 2022 even if they don't clock up a single mile on the airline for the next two years.

The Oneworld member had already promised a year of gratis status for Green, Silver, Gold and Diamond-grade frequent flyers whose membership anniversary fell due between May and December 2020, but the airline has now pushed this back further to encompass memberships that would expire as late as April 2021.

In addition, all unused 'mid-tier benefits' such as first and business class lounge passes expiring between May 2020 and April 2021 will be good for a further 12 months "so you can enjoy them when your travel resumes," the airline says. "The reissue should take 7 working days from the date of expiry."

Fast-forward to December 2020, and Cathay Pacific has deferred deliveries for its Boeing 777X jets "beyond 2025", as part of a restructure of the airline.

In related news, Russia's flagship carrier Aeroflot is extending the elite status level of its members through to February 2022, plus pushing back the expiry of unredeemed Aeroflot Bonus frequent flyer miles through 2021.

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