Sydney Airport opens valet service at domestic T2 terminal

The move brings the convenience of ‘drive up and drop off’ valet parking to all three terminals.

By David Flynn, April 22 2024
Sydney Airport opens valet service at domestic T2 terminal

Sydney Airport is adding another convenience feature for travellers with the opening of a valet service at the T2 terminal used by Virgin Australia, Rex, Jetstar and basically any domestic airline that isn’t Qantas or QantasLink.

The T2 Premium Valet facility complements the airport’s recently-opened T1 Premium Valet parking at the international terminal, while Qantas maintains its own ‘drive up and drop off’ valet parking at T3.

In fact, there are two T2 valet parking options available, with both open seven days a week.

The T2 Pre-Book Valet is located at the corner of Keith Smith Avenue and Fourth Street (just past the green Priority Pick-up zone), on the lower arrivals levels.

Cars can be dropped off from 5am to 11am, and picked up from 1pm to 11:30pm, with prices starting from $70 per day. 

The T2 Premium Valet is located on T2’s upper departures level, at the very start of the terminal, with drops-offs and pick-ups from 5am all the way through to 11:30pm. Prices start from $99 per day.

In addition to having longer hours and being located right at the terminal so you can glide straight through to the lounge or your departure date, all vehicles left with the T2 Premium Valet concierge will be stored undercover.

Vehicles left at the T2 Pre-Book Valet service,  on the other hand, may may be stored undercover or in the open air, or even at uncovered locations away from the terminal itself.

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09 May 2020

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 Qantas maintains its own ‘drive up and drop off’ valet parking at T3”


From Qantas webpage:

Qantas Valet at Sydney Airport operates under the management of Sydney Airport Corporation Limited (SACL).  

Might be Qantas skin and can earn QF pts but really the service is own by Sydney Airport 


11 Jul 2014

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A bit Steep in price; during COVID-19, I was using the P3 parking rather than the T2 terminal parking I had used previous to covid. Price was around $86.00 for a morning drop off and pick up at around 5pm same day. I used the new T2 parking 3 weeks ago and got hit with $99.00, my thoughts are,, $56.00 for P3, my car is safer there and I get some brisk steps up walking to the car. 

Etihad - Etihad Guest

13 Jun 2019

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The way that the Qantas Valet operates post covid is a retrograde operation. It is open to non Qantas customers that can book it on the Sydney Airport website. SACL do not run it as a service to Qantas premium passengers, it is run for the benefit of SACL. Since SACL took over, they make you wait about 30 minutes while they retrieve the car from god knows where. Pre Covid, Qantas had the vehicle waiting within very short walking distance. You can no longer get the car washed as was previously available, presumably because SACL staff are busy moving cars around the Qantas premium parking area or retrieving vehicles from afar. You can no longer just drive in and hand over the keys. You have to go online, book, pay, download a bar code onto your phone, fiddle with phone and said bar code to get through a recently installed boom gate, then get shouted at by SACL staff about where to drop the car, which seems to change everytime i go there. Its an absolute sh.t show, and Qantas has their name badged on it, so its their goodwill that again is being burned with premium customers.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

17 Dec 2014

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I no longer valet at Qantas since my car was scratched pre-Covid and they denied responsibility by saying it was old damage.  I would warn anyone valeting their car there to photograph it before handing over the keys.

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