Stylish Paper Plane Bench is ready to fly into your home or office

If you're not getting on a plane any time soon, why not bring the plane into your living room?

By David Flynn, May 20 2020
Stylish Paper Plane Bench is ready to fly into your home or office

Here's a unique talking point for your home or office: a bench in the form of a folder paper plane. Sit on it, use it as a coffee table or just enjoy the smile which tugs at the corners of your mouth every time you ponder this piece of whimsy.

Sydney-based Studio Michael and George developed the Paper Plane Bench as "a creation that aims to help you momentarily leave the worries of the world behind."

The simple origami-style form is a counterpoint to the bench's deceptive strength, which is underpinned by a steel cantilever to give the illusion of the bench floating a half-metre above the ground.

The husband and wife duo of Michael and Georgie (George) Gettings were recently named by The Observer as one of London Design Week's ‘Best new design talents’.

"We create products that capture a childlike joy, such as the simple pleasure of launching a paper plane," explains Michael Gettings (above).

The Paper Plane Bench is hand-made to order and costs A$2,200.

While you're at it, why not also outfit your pad with designer furniture made from actual Airbus jets?

Dubbed A Piece of Sky, the project aims to 'upcycle' engines and window frames into coffee tables, radome antenna housings into light fixtures and parts of a wing rib into a desk lamp.

Airbus works with feted designers to transform parts of decommissioned aircraft into objets d’art – and each is a guaranteed conversation-starter with its own story to tell.

For example, the massive two-metre wide Moon Crater coffee table is crafted from the engine exhaust of an Airbus A380 engine. Topped by a titanium honeycomb-patterned panel, it will make an unmissable centrepiece to any room.

Some of the A Piece of Sky items are inspired by aircraft rather than incorporating parts of a jet. This includes the Cloud chair, which draws its shape from a precise copy of the nose of an Airbus A350 and constructed from composite materials, wood and concrete.

The Calipso cabinet repurposes the fuselage panels of an Airbus A320 into a storage unit that’s also strong enough to keep your big-screen TV aloft.

To see the full A Piece of Sky range, visit

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