Boeing 737 makeover inspired by 787

By David Flynn, October 28 2010
Boeing 737 makeover inspired by 787

Just like Dr Who’s TARDIS the ‘next-gen’ 737-800 looks bigger on the inside, thanks to a 787-inspired design.

The first of the made-over mid-range jetliners has rolled out of the hangar and into the hands of low-cost customer FlyDubai, with over 1,100 more 737s sporting the snazzy Sky Interior facelift on order for 40 more customers including Malaysia Airlines and Continental.

The Sky Interior shares many design traits on the much-delayed 787 Dreamliner.

These include brighter and customisable LED 'mood' lighting (in place of fluorescent tubes that frequently need replacing), gently sculpted sidewalls and larger oval window surrounds to let in more light.

Overhead are higher capacity pivoting 787-style bins to fit more bags while taking up less cabin space.

The cost-extra option also includes overhead speakers in every row to improve sound and clarity of public address announcements.

The overall effect is a cabin that’s lighter and brighter, as well as looking ‘softer’ and more spacious.


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24 Oct 2010

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I find it amazing how LITTLE aircraft cabins have changed since the 60s. I mean, really, as nice as this refresh is, it still looks practically the same as an aircraft of 50 years ago. Given the rate of change in other industries, you'd think there would have been some more substantial changes. (Admittedly, I do count the move to motion-sensing taps in A380 toilets as a HUGE HUGE improvement over those awful metal-plunger taps in 747s.)

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