No Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer status on Virgin Australia flights

By David Flynn, January 31 2012
No Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer status on Virgin Australia flights

It seems that the frequent flyer partnership between Singapore Airlines and Virgin Australia doesn't quite go the whole distance.

SQ's KrisFlyer members can earn KrisFlyer Miles when travelling on Virgin Australia flights but not the 'Elite Miles' status credits which catapult you to KrisFlyer Silver and Gold status.

The later is especially useful because it comes with higher luggage allowance and equates to Star Alliance Gold, delivering extra privileges on Star Alliance airlines including Air New Zealand, United, Asiana and Lufthansa.

But if you were counting on a few Virgin Australia flights to help earn and keep KrisFlyer status, check the fine print in your Singapore Airlines statement, which states "KrisFlyer members cannot earn Elite Miles when travelling on Virgin Australia flights."

A Singapore Airlines spokeswoman confirmed to Australian Business Traveller that "KrisFlyer status credits/Elite Miles cannot be earned by KrisFlyer members travelling on Virgin Australia flights."

Virgin Australia is a little more generous, allowing Velocity frequent flyers to earn points and status credits on SQ flights.

Likewise, Qantas lets you earn status credits on flights with all oneworld partners such as American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Finnair and JAL.


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13 May 2011

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It is interesting to compare the benefits of being both a Krisflyer Gold Member and a Velocity Gold Member.  There now seem to be two disadvantages in maintaining the Krisflyer Gold Status.  The first being that only flexi or full fares on SIA accrue elite points for Krisflyer.  The second is the lack of the elite miles earning status on vrigin flights.  It appears that Vigin allows for earning of status credits on discounted SIA fares (sweet and super fair  fares -discounted fares) that are usually a few hundred dollars chaper than SIA full and flexi fares.

Further to maintain the gold status with Virgin I would need to earn 400 status credits with Virgin notwithstanding having to also fly on four virgin flights each year.   SIA requires a total of 50 000 miles to be flown to maintain gold status.   The SIA status is harder to maintatin.  Four full fare flights to China would earn 400 status credits or around 25 000 miles on SIA.

There are obviously other advantages in being part of Star Alliance (through SIA) as oppossed to being in Velocity with a limited partnership.  I have not yet considered the redeemption rates of Virgin Vrs SIA as well as credit card flyer points.

However, the lack of earning elite points on Virgin flights by SIA provides some food for thought  given that most my  international flights are on SIA and not other Star Alliance partners.



04 Nov 2010

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Good analysis Gunners, I am disappointed at this news because a few SYD-PER trips would be great to top up a KrisFlyer account between SYD-SIN trips, but then SQ seems to be a bit 'tighter' than other airlines.

I really REALLY hope that Virign Australia bites the bullet and joins Star Alliance, now THAT would be a real 'game changer' for Virgin and take the ball right back to Qantas!

08 Feb 2012

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Silly question - but do I get points on both my Velocity and Krisflyer accounts if I fly SQ?

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

06 May 2011

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Another silly question. Can you earn Velocity status credits when booking SQ via the SQ website or do you have to book via VA site?

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