No, you can't buy (or sell!) Qantas frequent flyer points on eBay

By David Flynn, October 24 2012
No, you can't buy (or sell!) Qantas frequent flyer points on eBay

Need to top up your Qantas frequent flyer points balance to claim that business class award seat? Be warned that eBay isn't the place to look!

An AusBT reader gave us the heads-up on these five auctions currently running on eBay, with a total of 158,000 Qantas frequent flyer points up for sale.

We appreciate these could prove tempting offers for some travellers, but Australian Business Traveller strongly warns against buying frequent flyer points on eBay.

Not only does Qantas not allow points to be sold, but transfers are permitted only to 'eligible family members' (on top of which, there's a limit of one transfer" in each 12 consecutive month period").

Read: Qantas Frequent Flyer Terms & Conditions – Family Transfers

There's even a chance that some of these auctions could be for points obtained by hacking into a legitimate Qantas frequent flyer account and siphoning them off to unsuspecting buyers.

So if you really need more points to your name, choose a safer and more sensible option: take another flight, go shopping with a partner in the frequent flyer program, or just buy them direct from Qantas through its top-up scheme, which ranges from 500 points for $20 to a whopping 20,000 points for just over $550.

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Gold. And the seller has a screenshot with their account number and home address. I'm sure someone at QFF is making the call right now...

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You can also top up your points (up to a certain level) by purchasing them when you have insufficient points for an award you want to redeem.

However, the easiest and quickest way to earn points is through a credit card churn when there's an appropriate offer.

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