Qantas completes rollout of Next-Generation Checkin

By David Flynn, July 1 2011
Qantas completes rollout of Next-Generation Checkin

Qantas has completed the Australia-wide rollout of its Next-Generation Checkin system, with Canberra Airport going online earlier this week.

The  self-service system -- which relies on smartchipped Q Cards, touch-and-go Q Card readers and wireless Q Bag Tags -- is now available in all Australian capital city airports, as well as 21 Australian regional airports.

Travellers should also note changes to Qantas' domestic checked baggage policy, which go hand-n-hand with the Next-Generation Checkin system.

Qantas previously permitted passengers to check any number of bags on domestic flights provided their combined weight falls under a ceiling of 23kg to 45kg (depending on your class of travel and Qantas Frequent Flyer status level).

Under the new policy all travellers will be limited by the number of bags they can check in, in addition to a per-bag weight limit. For more on this, read our report on how Qantas’ new domestic baggage allowances will affect every traveller.

We've also discovered that the Qantas wireless Q Bag Tags can be shared among friends, family and colleagues, bought on eBay and will be replaced free of charge if damaged.

And if you're not up to speed on the system, we detail the top 5 things you need to know about Qantas Next-Generation Check-in.


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