QantasLink Boeing 717s get business class

By Chris C., November 22 2013
QantasLink Boeing 717s get business class

The first of QantasLink's reconfigured Boeing 717 aircraft is now in service on selected flights to Canberra, offering in-flight entertainment for all passengers and a new regional business class product.

Pictured below, the leather seats in business class will give premium travellers more choice and flexibility, gradually replacing the existing all-economy layout on 717 routes to the nation's capital.

The new 717 business class seat
The new 717 business class seat

Though only one Boeing 717 aircraft has completed the reconfiguration process at this stage, four more birds are set to join the ranks – entering the fleet over the coming months to operate flights to Canberra from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

The 110-seat jet will provide wireless-based in-flight entertainment through the familiar Q Streaming service – with business class flyers to receive iPads, while passengers in economy will be provided with iPad minis.

As with the larger 737 aircraft, the 717 provides a 2-2 configuration in business, though has a slightly smaller economy cabin in a 2-3 layout:

The new QantasLink 717 layout
The new QantasLink 717 layout

If you're travelling in business class and need to sneak in a quick nap, consider row 3 – there's a bulkhead wall directly behind you, though you'll be closer to the economy cabin, which can be noisier on occasion.

When joined by a partner or colleague in economy, you'd be advised to opt for the A & C seats, avoiding an extra seatmate.

Passengers with seats in the front row of both cabins will be delighted to learn that their Q Streaming iPads (or iPad minis) can be mounted onto the bulkhead walls – making things easier at chow time.

On the Canberra routes, the 717 will eventually replace the remaining Boeing 737-400s, which are tipped to leave the fleet next year – though if you do happen to book a flight on this aircraft type, prepare for the journey by choosing the best available seat. 

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Chris C.

Chris is a a former contributor to Executive Traveller.

undertheradar Banned
undertheradar Banned

28 Oct 2011

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given that on  the majority of QFdomestic narrow body flights,  the first few rows of economy are taken by high tier F/Fers.. so  F/Fers will be the main sourcre of 'noise' for those in row3  LOL...and there is a solid floor to ceiling partition behind row 3...even if some noise does 'travel' into J/C it doesnt magically stop before it gets to row2 or even row 1....oh and a side note..most pax noise in the J/C cabin comes from the pax in the J/C cabin!!! (all the J/C 'mouths' project their noise forward)  so i'm happy sitting in row3 (and i always do when i can)   

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

17 Aug 2012

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Looks good, although I must admit the waffle pattern on the seats does tilt me off a little. Somehow, it reminds me of those lounge chairs they have at Westfield Sydney.

Speaking of the 734s, Chris, would you happen to be in the loop as to where and when they operate, and their final culling date? The avgeek in me is curious as to their retirement.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

20 Aug 2013

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Thank god the 737-400s are going..........

12 Oct 2011

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Flew home from Brisbane to Canberra last night in the reconfigured 717. It was a pleasure. The seats were comfortable, Q-streaming was great, and take-off feels great. 

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