Free hotel internet wins business traveller loyalty

By Michael Flux, November 12 2010
Free hotel internet wins business traveller loyalty

The vast majority of business travellers say that free high-speed internet is a key critera in choosing which hotel they stay at.

According to a survey conducted by American firm Deloitte, 79% of those interviewed agreed with the statement "Complimentary high speed internet in my room is important to me".

The poll also reveals that with the global financial crisis now behind them, business travellers are heading back to the skies.

Deloitte found 71% of business travellers predict they'll have made an equal or greater amount of business trips in 2010 compared with 2009, while 80% are planning to make as many trips or more again in 2011.

And while 72% of respondents say they continue to monitor their travel expenses due to the recession only 24% have spent less on air travel – most prefer to cut back on luxuries like restaurant dining, or they stay away for a shorter period.

The survey also underscores the influence of online media in business travel. 70% said they use the internet to research information on hotels and 68% find information about flights. 66% have made a hotel reservation online and 58% have booked a flight on the web.

Younger business travellers are embracing smartphone technology, with 84% of 18 to 29 year olds owning at least one of the devices.

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