The best ways to spend 100,000 Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer miles

By Chris C., January 25 2017
The best ways to spend 100,000 Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer miles

Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer miles are your ticket to travel the world, but how can you make the best of 100,000 KrisFlyer miles, such as you can get by signing up for the American Express Platinum Charge Card?

Whether your international travels take you to Asia, Europe or even the Americas, we reveal your top options when booking flights via the Singapore Airlines website rather than over the phone – a simple trick which gives you an instant 15% ‘discount’ on the number of miles needed.

1. Fly return business class to Asia

Transform those 100,000 KrisFlyer miles into a return Singapore Airlines business class trip to Asia, priced at 46,750 KrisFlyer miles each way from Australia’s east coast or 93,500 miles per round-trip, including the online booking discount.

Of course, that includes a return trip from Australia to Singapore: but you could also fly onward to a number of other countries without needing any further miles, including to Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Taiwan.

The same is possible to Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar (Burma), Philippines and Vietnam, so for 46,750 miles, you could fly Sydney-Singapore-Manila, for example.

2. Fly first class to anywhere in Asia, the Middle East or Africa, one-way

For even greater luxury, take a trip in Singapore Airlines first class – or ‘Suites Class’ on Airbus A380 flights – to anywhere in Asia, the Middle East or Africa, one-way.

From Sydney or Melbourne to Singapore and the Asian countries listed above, 63,750 KrisFlyer miles is all it takes to get you there, while 78,625 miles could take you to Beijing or Shanghai in first class, or 80,750 miles to Japan or South Korea at the pointiest of pointy ends.

Jet from Australia to India, Sri Lanka, Maldives or Bangladesh and you’d need 87,125 miles to fly up front, or part with 89,250 miles to reach Africa, the Middle East and Turkey.

3. Fly business class one-way, anywhere in the world

No matter how far or how wide you roam, 100,000 KrisFlyer miles could fly you from Australia’s east coast to literally anywhere in the world in business class, one-way.

Take the Kangaroo Route and fly Sydney-Singapore-London (or elsewhere in Europe) for 80,750 miles, one-way, or venture to Africa, the Middle East or Turkey for just 61,625 KrisFlyer miles.

The United States is also an option for those with more time on their hands, being 85,000 KrisFlyer miles to the west coast (including Los Angeles and San Francisco) or 91,375 miles to the USA east coast (New York) and to Houston. South America can also be booked for 93,925 miles, one-way.

4. Fly return premium economy to Africa, Middle East or Turkey

To avoid the added cost of returning home from a one-way ticket, consider also using your KrisFlyer miles to zip from Sydney or Melbourne to Africa, the Middle East or Turkey in Singapore Airlines premium economy for 51,000 miles each way.

Okay, so this option requires 102,000 KrisFlyer miles instead of the rounded 100,000, but if you have a KrisFlyer-earning credit card, it shouldn’t take long to cover the spread and secure your seat in premium economy.

5. Convert your KrisFlyer miles into Virgin Australia Velocity points

Stuck with some KrisFlyer miles leftover and unsure how to spend them? Don’t let them expire: instead, convert them into Virgin Australia Velocity points on a 1.35:1 basis.

As Velocity points can be easier to earn in Australia than KrisFlyer miles, you could pair the KrisFlyer miles you convert with Velocity points already in your account to book flights with Virgin Australia and its web of partners including Etihad Airways, Virgin Atlantic and more.

Chris C.

Chris is a a former contributor to Executive Traveller.

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Hi Chris, I am interested to find out in number 3, how to get to South America in one way business class for 93,925 krisflyer points.  I am a loyal Singapore Airlines PPS, eversince SQ stopped flying to GRU, I find it difficult to get to SA for most part on SQ sectors then to sA, any advice?

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