How to convert KrisFlyer miles into Velocity frequent flyer points

By Chris C., November 19 2014
How to convert KrisFlyer miles into Velocity frequent flyer points

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Much like Virgin Australia Velocity members can transfer their points to KrisFlyer, Singapore Airlines’ frequent flyers can do the opposite – with 1.55 KrisFlyer miles buying you one Velocity point.

Although you’ll wind up with a smaller balance in number, KrisFlyer miles can’t be used to upgrade to business class with Virgin Australia, which is where Velocity points step in.

On a flexible economy fare from Sydney to Melbourne, that business class seat could be yours for a mere 4,900 Velocity points – or 7,595 KrisFlyer miles via the new switcheroo.

Sitting on a balance of KrisFlyer miles and want to see them become Velocity points with Virgin Australia? Here’s how it’s done.

Swapping KrisFlyer miles for Velocity points

In a boon for travellers, there isn't a cap on how many points can be converted from one frequent flyer program to another, provided you're moving at least 5,000 miles at a time.

Transfers are also free-of-charge and can be done via the Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer website after linking both of your frequent flyer accounts.

Begin by logging into your Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer account, select '\Profile' and then 'Partner Programmes':

Singapore Airlines has a long list of airline partners that can be synced for other reasons, although you'll also find Velocity among them:

Enter the details of your Virgin Australia Velocity account and hit 'add'. Then on the following screen, click 'Link'.

You'll be prompted to confirm your details – an important step as the name on both of your frequent flyer accounts needs to match, along with your date of birth.

The keywords you're looking for next are 'successfully linked', which shows that you're all set up and ready to transfer:

Now, whenever you're in the mood for a few Velocity points, look for the 'Convert your KrisFlyer miles' option under the 'Partner programmes'

You can either choose how many KrisFlyer miles to convert, or how many Velocity points you're aiming for.

Click 'convert miles' and your points will soon appear in Velocity and can then be used in the same way as any regular Velocity point.

That, of course, includes flights on Virgin Australia and its web of partners including Delta, Etihad, Hawaiian Airlines and Virgin Atlantic.

Velocity points: advantages over KrisFlyer miles

As we’ve flagged above, KrisFlyer miles can’t be used to upgrade to business class with Virgin Australia or to book flights with Etihad, which is where the Velocity program really shines.

Velocity points are also far easier to earn on Australian soil than KrisFlyer miles, given that Down Under is the airline’s home turf.

While KrisFlyer miles can be picked up on credit card spend and at certain hotels, Velocity points can instead be earned on your home loan, when going out to dinner and even at BP service stations when filling up your tank.

Velocity points also don’t expire in the same way as KrisFlyer miles, which disappear three years from the month in which they’re earned – whereas Velocity points remain active indefinitely as long as points are earned or redeemed at least once every 36 months.

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