• Hi Chris. I just wanted to clarify something from your article. My partner is scheduled to make the 2400 points with a QF flight on April 2,2018. This assumes that bonus points, partner airline points earned etc before March 13, 2018 are counted. Do you mean to say that if she has not reached 2...

  • Fantastic news!!!Chris, any idea of the comparative travel times and costs between PER-LHR on the 787 and PER-SIN-LHR with the SIN-LHR A380 service? 

  • No way. I would not stopover anywhere in Dubai if they paid me $100!

  • DBX airport is terrible and I have been denied loung use as a QC member flying to Europe on Emirates. I will not use Emirates and so the partnership has led to me seeking airlines other than Qantas. The Boeing 777 flights are particularly bad.

  • I agree with you completely. I am all for free enterprise and competition however this is a monopoly. Furthermore the model of building and extending infrastructure with public money, then privatising it to run more efficiently can ONLY work where there is legislated competition allowed. Here the...

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  • Originally Posted by Rod H mspcooper. I left my baggage on the carousel and it was still merrily going around when I went to collect it about 45 minutes later. Does not seem to be any problem.nix584. My flight was on Sunday 14th April 0730 Perth- Brisbane.Yes , it is a great pity that we only ha...

  • Status Credits from Coles

    Mar 13, 2019, 02:59 PM

    Same. I was wondering if it was just me!

  • Did you just suggest we’ll see A380’s flying in and out of Broome? Wow. None of this will happen.

  • Originally Posted by emmawork Maybe I missed it but the OP does not say they have purchased a seat for their baby despite multiple comments that they have. If someone purchases a separate, individual seat for an infant, then and only then should they be able to use it for their infant/baby in F ...

  • Emirates I havnt seen released later, usually Cathay or Qatar come later. Emirates you need to get A year out- I’ve done that twice for first class awards.

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