• I think with the Airbus Cabin Flex upgrade removing the need to have access to the emergency exits on the upper deck in Premium will allow QF to give enough space to give an extra 2-3in of legroom on the seat. A seat count of 60 which has been reported is 8 rows of 7 plus two more pairs. With t...

  • Well you could reconfigure a 333 with 30j/21w and 220ish y. However I suspect that they need more J to HKG, just not sure what the sweet spot would be. Ive often thought the next 6 789s might be configured less premium heavy to provide more Y capacity (30j/21w/220y) which might suit routes like ...

  • Perhaps QF could do the same? That way there would be that daytime service ex SIN. Haha that will never happen...MEL on the other hand could handle it and provide a QF daytime flight (or perhaps thats when JQ should fly... connects better with Asia)

  • Yeh I think that provided PER airport get back on board with QF it will stay. PER will still be fed by ADL and regional QLD which should be enough to sustain daily. I think CDG and FRA would run through there as well and pick up the lower yielding connecting traffic.

  • I would be one of the first to jump on a ULH in Y. Its not for everyone, but once you get on you dont have to deal with getting disturbed at weird hours. Would love to leave at dinner time and be in Europe by the morning. 3-3-3 would be bearable with 32in and an inflight bar.

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  • Originally Posted by patrickk We will see re CASA and ETOPS. The A330 incident in WA and the recent JQ 787 flying into Osaka may play on their minds. If they approve ETOPS then certainly both flight would go to 789s. ETOPS approval wont be a problem. CASA is slow to act and quite cautious, bit w...

  • Day flights from Asia

    Apr 25, 2018, 08:55 AM

    Ive often wondered about this with QF and think that if things dont go well with PER-LHR longer term, we may see this become a reality.I would love to see PER prosper for QF, but if not a full move back could work.QF9 could move to an overnight flight ex MEL with a day trip to LHR. On the return ...

  • QF new service MEL~SIN

    Dec 03, 2017, 08:58 PM

    Could they be referring to the new 380 flight? Combined with the EK flight that gives Qantas 3 daily ex MEL and can market it like that. I would highly doubt a 3rd daily on QF metal would come in unless EK dropped their flight.

  • Jetstar Canberra

    Jul 26, 2017, 04:56 PM

    Canberra appears because they have a partnership with Murrays on the hourly bus services to SYD. Thats why its limited to international destinations.JQ are well overdue for an entry in CBR but QF want to protect their yields.  7pwBNE, 5pwOOL, 7pwMEL, 5pwADL and a couple of CNS would do well ...

  • Could we see qf1/2 retimed to a late evening departure from SYD , lunchtime arrival in LHR with the evening departure back arriving early morning to SYD allowing that frame to operate onto lax.  That could mean they operate to lax and lhr ex syd with 4.5 frames

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