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  • Both are excellent in J, both hard and soft product. I concur with others, if you are VA platinum go EY to try the lounge, if you want to break up with a transit then it’s Singapore.But why pick one? Fly out in one and back in the other and have a taste of both!

  • Virgin Partners dropping like flies

    Oct 03, 2018, 08:02 PM

    Agreed on family pooling. The additional credits a family trip or two can bring mean gold and platinum are easy to achieve. I'm platinum VA and I think it would be a serious struggle to reach gold QFF. This is the main reason I stay, but also the partnership with SQ is really important, as is the...

  • I've flown SIN-CPT-SIN-BNE in the A350 and spent close to 30 hours in that seat. I don't understand the complaints. I'm 180 centimetres. Seat was super comfortable, I slept well, screen and IFE are great. Flying again at the end of the year in a mix of 777 and a350 and really looking forward to i...

  • When ABT are invited, is the entire journey covered by SQ - so they transport you on the outbound too? And do they accommodate you up the front for that journey as well if so?

  • Citibank online banking lets you flag your travel plans now, so no need to call and will prevent transactions being blocked

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