Business class to London: Etihad or Singapore Airlines?

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Hello all,

I have a stash of VA FF points that I am itching to use for 2x return Business Class to London. Since I can use them with Etihad or Singapore, I was wondering what people's preferences were and why. I am based in Sydney and would be looking to fly anytime between mid May and September if that makes any difference. The only difference between the two that I'm aware of is the $$$ on top of the FF points for fees - Etihad being substantially more. Anyways, thanks in advance for any assistance.


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Ahhhhh.... is go for the Etihad J... unless it’s the newest SQ J seat for Etihad. If your Plat with VA the F Lounge Int Abu Dhabi is worth a visit even if it’s just for dinner, a massage and shower!

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I would go with SQ. EY has been doing a lot of cost cutting lately and their business class just isn't what it used to be. It's definitely not worth the extra fee. (For 2 return in business you are looking at USD$1600 rt! That's well over $2000!)


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Etihad J is still great despite cost cutting. The hard product is excellent and dine on demand is an invaluable feature for battling jet lag.

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Either is great, but if you have VA platinum I would defiantly go with Eithad. In addtion, Eithad has the later departure out of Sydney / Brisbane / Melbourne which gets into London just after lunch, which generally allows you to check straight into your hotel upon arrival (with SQ, unless you overnight and take the day flight out of Singapore, you will arrive very early AM London).


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What a wonderful choice to have to make! Etihad's A380 business class is great - well, so is that of Singapore Airlines! - but each has its fans. Etihad's A380 has that 'lobby' lounge area which makes a nice change from being in your seat, although it's rather small (or 'cosy', in PR-speak). If you wanted to break your journey for any reason then I'd suggest Singapore is easily the better stop-over city. If you are going straight through apart from that transit, Etihad could have the edge if timing works for you.


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Both are excellent in J, both hard and soft product. I concur with others, if you are VA platinum go EY to try the lounge, if you want to break up with a transit then it’s Singapore.

But why pick one? Fly out in one and back in the other and have a taste of both!


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Neither compare to Qatar Airways. Etihad seats are not well padded, and they are on a downhill slope from the cost-cutting, but then again SQ seats are rock hard and there are no amenity kits. Lose lose both situations. All better than BA though.


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Thanks to everyone that replied. I am probably leaning towards Etihad for the timing and going straight through even though the fees are steeper, although LP's idea of flying out one and back in the other definitely has a big appeal. Currently only Silver FF member (was just downgraded), though should be gold by the time of flights.


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I've been fortunate to experience both, however I've found EY availability to be generally better than SQ, so that might influence your decision. You won't be disappointed with either, to be honest!


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Go SQ they have better service


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EY can be hit n miss - great when the crew clicks and the chef performs, spotty and disappointing when not. How do you sleep on planes ? SQ's foot cubby hole isn't everyone's fave and I thought (on recent Mel/Sin return) that their movie and music selections weren't great - EY were much better in both areas back in June.


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As others have said, it's a great problem to have! If you can't access the F Lounge in AUH (reserved for VA Plat and Club members) then I'd lean towards Singapore. Have flown both on a number of occasions (and without the F Lounge in AUH), I'd say SQ wins for the consistently outstanding service. Haven't tried the new a380 yet, but the J seats in the 777 and a350 are fantastic. J seats on the EY a380 and 787 are also very good. Despite what one of the other posters said, I generally find it easier to get J reward seats on SQ than EY, using Velocity points. Recently found and booked 4 pax in J LHR-SIN SIN-MEL for April next year. Good luck!


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SQ are hard to beat, such consistently high service


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I’ve never redeemed with EY due to the excessive fees but the few times I’ve flown either the’ve been great. As others have suggested try do EY one direction and SQ the other if you can, you may have to if the availability comes down to it. 

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