Business class to London: Etihad or Singapore Airlines?

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I have found service in EY J to be pretty poor. Have flown AUH-LHR twice and each time I've ordered food and or drinks which just never arrive. Then get attitude when chasing it up! Crew seem frazzled and inexperienced...and not very happy! I do like the hard product through (if A380 / 787)...probably more polished and comfortable than any of SQ's recent efforts.


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Agree. Flew Etihad AUH to SIN in J. TV didn't work. Cabin manager just wasted time trying to fix it . Then tried Ipad backup which didn't work. Said staff in Abu Dhabi isn't approving move to First Class seat. At end of the flight was given letter that I will be credited 10000 frequent flyer points. 3 years later points have still not been credited to my account


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Great question from the OP which highlights just how great air travel can be and how much it reflects everyday life - beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We all have our preferences. My view is simple. Just weigh up all the benefits and negatives and make your call. Look at the arrival times into London. EY gets in to London early afternoon which is great. Straight into the hotel. Nothing worse than the early am SQ arrival, hanging around tired and belligerent waiting for your room to become available lol - I am an angry old man at 6am with no hotel room. But, if you get the new SQ business class on the A380 it is excellent, along with the standard fantastic SQ service - they are always top notch. But I am partial the the EY A380 although my experience is limited to seat 4A. But it is a great service whatever anyone tells you. Nine out of ten people moaning about an airline usually have a broader grudge against that airline defined by their own loyalty. If it was me I would be going EY. It will still be a great flight but that London arrival time does it for me. Hit the ground running. Lounges? Well, they are all generally ok, over-populated, some free food etc. The first lounge in AD is very good. Not so fussed about Sydney or LHR as the lounges are small, packed etc. But then the SG lounges in Singapore have been packed out the last times I have passed through. And the Private Room needs a makeover or an injection of atmosphere..............anyway, best of luck.


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We flew EY last week from SYD to AUH then AUH to CDG. Compared to other business class seats, I found the EY seats to be extremely uncomfortable and the fabric was scratchy. We had backward facing seats in row 17, which was quite easy and gave some privacy, but the fabric on the seat and the seat firmness was too much. I decreased the firmess to the lowesyt level, but without a topper or sheets, I might have slept in a flying backpacker's hostel bed. The food was ample, if not too much, and as always the service is great. I don't think I'd waste the cash and/or VFF points on Etihad again. We paid cash for these seats and not points on both sectors

In about two weeks we are flying home SQ business in the beds that co-join to make a double. We used points for these from LHR to SIN. A few days in SIN before the flight to SYD. The taxes/fees are much less than what we've used on Etihad in the past and I'm a bit concerned about them using the same seat layout at EY.

Two years ago, we flew in their previous product from MLE-SIN-SYD and had the big, wide leather seats. It's not easy to find them anymore, but I'd prefer the space than being wedged into some cranny for the sake of "Privacy", specially if all you want to do is rest.

Anybody else feel this way?

VA had an awesome product from LA to SYD. I recall it wasn't direct aisle access, but we had 5 windows and enough room to move around, a bar, mattress, linen, pj's and amazing service. We haven't flown that route recently with them but I think by far their seats/beds were the most spacious and comfortable at the time. In my opinion, I've not flown in a better or wider bed since.

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