• Originally Posted by New Mint Originally Posted by Stephen D Which is why I fly Virgin. No one crosses the white rope! Not true. I fly Virgin domestic business all the time and have noticed people moving the white rope and going to the front loo. While it doesn’t really bother me I think ...

  • It is a chat bot!

  • Best luxury hotels in Brisbane

    Oct 29, 2018, 07:08 AM

    Brisbane's had a number of five stars hotel either open recently or will be opening soon.I'd try the W or the Westin.

  • Back in my glory days when I was Platinum with VA, I was pulled aside at the gate when boarding and was upgraded. When I asked the FA onboard I was advised that some staff had to get on at the last minute to PAX to BNE and apparently uniformed staff aren't allowed to travel in Business.

  • I recently flew with NZ from EZE to AKL, this was originally a 787, but was switched to a 777.I asked the cabin manager why and said there is an issue with 787 Rolls Royce engines and that they can’t currently be used on routes where the aircraft is more than a particular amount of time fro...