Being upgraded to business on Virgin domestic

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Hi all,

I am currently Gold with VA. Have any of you had experience getting upgraded for free, on the spot, business? (At check in, lounge or gate?) Is that based on status with VA or fare class (Flex ticket given priority) or something else?


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Never been upgraded for free on any airline whilst travelling domestically - I've been gold with both Qantas & Virgin over the years...I'd suggest you have buckley's...I'd assume they go to members of The Club if anyone


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Mrs B was upgraded recently for free when we were travelling as a family but I’m WP and there were some discrepancies in the booking.

I have had a couple lounge upgrades in the past where the Angels ‘forgot’ to slug me the velocity points to be upgraded, but this was a few years back.
Tend to agree with Greg, your chances are pretty much non existent.
Also; last minute upgrades mean no guaranteed full meal but if they keep serving that mushroom thing, ‘s prolly a blessing. Hooray for cheese n bickies!


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Back in my glory days when I was Platinum with VA, I was pulled aside at the gate when boarding and was upgraded. When I asked the FA onboard I was advised that some staff had to get on at the last minute to PAX to BNE and apparently uniformed staff aren't allowed to travel in Business.


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I have been upgrade a few times as a Platinum. I have never asked for it, it just happened. It was most likely due to operational reasons, like over booking and inclement weather backing up departures etc.


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I have been upgraded at the gate once (PER-MEL). I was Gold at the time.


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I have been upgraded when they called my announced my name in the lounge. Y was fully booked and had to 'bump' me up. I was platinum at the time. I flew Syd-BNE.

I also had an op-up from Y to J flying HKG-MEL at the gate. A few of us got bumped up as the flight out of HKG was oversold (Thank goodness). I was also platinum at the time and a couple of golds in front of me also got the op up. Happy days for everyone!


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Been op-upped twice as a VA Plat, the second time being PER-MEL. It was only the 737 but I was tired from only 4 hours of sleep prior and slept like a baby the whole flight


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Once on BNE-ROK I got upgraded at the gate, but I had a status level that I doubt anyone else on here has: red.

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I've had a few upgrades as Velocity Gold over the years, although most were when domestic flights were sold as premium economy (before business class came in): most recent would have been a few years ago on a quick Brisbane-Sydney flight.


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I flew BNE-SYD on Sunday night and J was half full. I guess they only do it when they can squeeze more people in Y.


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Booked Gold Coast -Adelaide - Melbourne flight as return leg of Qld trip a couple of years ago on Virgin. This routing was an option on their website and cost just a little more than Gold Coast - Melbourne direct. 3 days before flight home, my wife was rung at home and advised my flight was changed. They did NOT ring me - the Passenger! despite having my phone details. When I rang them told my flight had been changed to a Gold Coast _Melbourne direct departing 5 hours earlier! This did not suit as had connection in Melbourne to regional Victoria by coach. Refused to change my booking back to what I had booked, refused to change to later time. refused any compensation and refused to upgrade me. Person on phone was extremely rude and had an I don't care attitude. I was a Velocity member. Needless to say now have second thoughts about flying with Virgin


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I was waitlised for business and didnt get it. when i asked at checkin about that, the lady gave my Economy X without being asked.


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I'm a VA Platinum member. I've not had any free upgrades but have won a heap of bid upgrades. My usual approach is to bid the lowest possible amount and if I win, I win. To date, I've managed to get some very cheap upgrades on flights MEL-HKG-MEL, CBR-OOL, MEL-CBR. It's a nice little bonus when it happens, and VA's bid rates are much lower than EY's.


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Gold here. Never been upgraded for nothing, but successfully used points to upgrade from Y to J domestically probably 75% of the time (even when onto the waitlist).

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