Being upgraded to business on Virgin domestic

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Probably if on the 330, your chances are probably good, as there are more J/subclass of J seats available.

But still, if you have the points to do a bid now/buy now upgrade and not hope for them to do an on the spot upgrade.
But on the 737s, probably nope/very unlikely, as only 8 seats available.
I was going to pay $345 on a bid now, but both my flights ADL - BNE and back, J was full, with 8 seats occupied.
Bid now upgrade got rejected, it had the gall to say, "we hope you will bid again soon" or words to that effect!
Seeing lots of the planes that VA seem to use/change their planes to are the 737s or the F100s, with those, if you are unlucky enough to get them, chances are not good, as the spots would have been taken long before day or days prior to travel.


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Am VA Plat for the past 5 or so years. During that time I've had a couple of unexpected domestic upgrades at the gate. I remember one of them and I was the only person in Business class and there where still seats in Y so not sure why I was.

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