Covid-19 Precautions on Virgin??

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Travelled Brisbane-Sydney-Brisbane twice on Virgin in the last month and observations on Covid-19 compliance..

1. Boarding was undertaken with calls by cabin crew about social distancing, instead it was the normal situation with people breathing down your neck while you stowed your bag in the overhead locker.

2. Disembarking. On two of the flights (only) as we taxing the cabin crew supervisor asked passengers to remain seated until the row in front had emptied and was leaving. Noboday seemed to take a blind bit of notice and just queued very close together as usual. Not a word out of Virgin crew.

Slack, Virgin


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I don't think you can blame Virgin on people not adhering to social distancing. It's the same on any of the airlines at the moment. Take necessary precautions, wear a mask and have sanitizer. If you do not feel safe then do not travel. It's simple.


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Does Virgin issue mask pack?


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Sit in a window seat and wait for most people to have disembarked if you are concerned that people aren't doing much about distance.

You can't do much about the boarding issue.


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Yes, they do provide a mask/sanitizer pack


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It'd be great if the airline would enforce a row-by-row exit. If idiots just stand and crowd the aisle before hand, the cabin crew should use the PA... "everybody sit down until the row in front of them have left". These imbeciles need be told off!!! It is critical that we get COVID-19 down so restrictions can be lifted so our economy can start to grow again. Those dicks can wait 3mins on the plane! Sorry for the little rant.


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At the end of the day, there's only so much an airline with four flight attendants against a 737 loaded with 200 people can do. Ultimately, it's up to the flying public to moderate their behaviour. Which, is one of the reasons I'm yet to return to the skies.

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