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  • Originally Posted by koji Originally Posted by moa999 Take a flight.The one through train G100 is an 8hr 17min journey 3hours ahead arrriving the airport + 3 hours flight + 2hours toad trip between city centre and the airport + uncertainty of delay, compared with 9 hours train connecting two ci...

  • It's rarely the kids fault when they cause problems on flights. The problem is always the inattentive parents who fail to exercise any control over their children, and often look at a flight as a way to release themselves from parental obligations for a few hours.

  • Downgraded from business to economy!

    May 25, 2018, 05:21 PM

    What absolutely amazes me is the tight arsed approach airlines take in circumstances like this. Why don't they say to themselves, "Stuff it, we've downgraded someone on a full BC cabin. Let's take the goodwill advantage of this and give the loyal passenger unfortunately downgrade the ticket grat...

  • Day flights from Asia

    Apr 27, 2018, 03:56 PM

    Another contributing factor to the others mentioned here are the curfew times governments enforce at most large Australian airports.

  • Originally Posted by Steve987 I’d prefer to invest the $52k in business class tickets to places I actually want to go, but each to their own! Beat me to it!

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