• Is it only the 6.55pm flight to Auckland that allows one to try the all day dining in Sydney. I see Jetstar flights leaving at 1.30pm or 3.30pm depending on the day. Would the lounge stay open in the afternoon because there is a Jetstar flight or do they close it between 12 noon and 4pm (3 hours ...

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  • VA Earn on SQ

    Feb 13, 2018, 05:00 PM

    In my experience yes. I've done trips where one was an N and the other an E. I got full credits for the E trip

  • Privileges with Europcar or hertz?

    Jan 16, 2018, 01:25 PM

    Hi allI'm currently a velocity gold with roughly 820 status credits. Hopefully getting to platinum shortly!!I have a question on car rental memberships. If i was to enrol in the europcar or hertz programs under gold and end up with platinum 3 months from now, will i be able to enrol into the high...

  • Can the upgrades be applied if on an elevate fare or does it have to be a fully flexible fare?

  • Any confirmation that VA gold provided same lounge privileges as Etihad gold ?

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