Privileges with Europcar or hertz?

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Hi all

I'm currently a velocity gold with roughly 820 status credits. Hopefully getting to platinum shortly!!

I have a question on car rental memberships. If i was to enrol in the europcar or hertz programs under gold and end up with platinum 3 months from now, will i be able to enrol into the higher tiered membership?

Secondly, is it fair to say that the privileges such as a free weekend of rental is not only for australia but for europe as well? I;'m planning a holiday to europe in May and am looking to see which program i should enrol into.

All opinions greatly appreciated!


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I don't think you can. I have gone back and forth between Platinum and Gold over the past few years and have never been able to re-opt into the programs.. My original choice from 2012 is still there for both Hertz and Hilton and I cannot change it even as I have gone up and down between G and P a few times.. I may be wrong though.

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