• It's not just the number, but the length. Some are just endless rambling nonsense with pauses etc.The issue I see with too many and too many long ones is - everyone just starts ignoring them.

  • Virgin launches WiFi on LAX flights

    May 10, 2018, 05:42 AM

    Any ideas on what tail numbers have the upgrades? Flying next week on VA8 and curious if I'll have it.

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  • Velocity and Status Credits

    Jan 10, 2019, 03:23 PM

    Hi,Anyone have any idea what's up with Velocity having issues crediting Status Credits? Partner flights are fine (eg. DL, SQ) but VA flights are, well, inconsistent. I had a flight from LAX to MEL in early Dec where I have the points but not the SCs. I've contacted them regularly but they seem t...

  • I still don't have SCs from a trip to/from NZ on VA in October! The weird thing is that SQ ones post in a day.

  • Kind of related - through work I can get my Delta status matched to American Airlines. AA isn't quite as useful to me as QF (hard to transfer points from credit cards etc). But, thinking of getting the AA status and then doing the QF status challenge. But wondering, while travelling are QF likely...

  • Thanks, booked it myself and am Platinum. Gave them a call on your advice and they're crediting them.

  • Hi,Flew from Dunedin to Brisbane to Adelaide last week. Getaway fare. Just saw I've gotten points but no status credits. The flights were all VA aircraft (ie. no code share with AirNZ or anything). Any ideas why? I've emailed Velocity, but trying to work out if I've missed something?

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