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Anyone have any idea what's up with Velocity having issues crediting Status Credits? Partner flights are fine (eg. DL, SQ) but VA flights are, well, inconsistent. I had a flight from LAX to MEL in early Dec where I have the points but not the SCs. I've contacted them regularly but they seem to be unable to fix it and tell me "our team is working on it". In October I had some VA flights which were similar from NZ - got the FF points but not the SCs. (These are all on paid flights, no weird booking classes, it's not an issue with that).

I'm more annoyed that it's been going on for months and they don't seem to have a solution. I've got plenty of SCs - Plat runs out in June and I've already gotten enough to renew, but I don't want to have to check and chase them after EVERY flight!

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I have had lots of issues and delays getting SC and Points. It seems to take forever with VA intl flights, but when it comes to DL and SQ flights, I get them within a few days. The worse is EY, where I never seem to get the right points or SC. It can be frustrating, and the Velocity team have been very helpful. Let them know that you have earned enough SC already to maintain status. Good luck!


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I have discovered that you realy have to keep on top of them, had a few issues with SC's that were incorrectly allocated from the SQ rate changes earlier last year. Took forever to resolve, even when I had all of the documentation about what flights we had taken and when.


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Had a Capital Airlines flight which wasn't credited to Velocity after presenting card on check-in. The team credited this and even another flight which got switched to China Eastern metal due to rain delays with the original flight. Since it included a long haul business sector I hit platinum once it was credited. They also reapplied the status credits earned while waiting against the next renewal period as I would have achieved platinum earlier if there wasn't a delay (hope that makes sense). Happy with how it was resolved, but it is annoying having to check.

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Points and SCs from SQ flights usually arrive on the next day, but within 2 weeks for VA flights. I even had a VA flight in December with only SC and zero point.

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