• Aug 17, 2015, 12:53 AM

    Brilliant! Looks fantastic David and hope there's a worthwhile candidate out there to take it to another level internationally for you and the AusBT team.

  • Umm...yes..no need to treat me like I'm stupid. I merely wondered if you'd been given any indication on a possible time frame rather than the coming months. As many Velocity members have received the email, it was only a question that perhaps I thought you may have "some" idea.

  • Congrats and enjoy!

  • Fantastic! Any idea of a launch date?

  • I've been on the phone to Virgin every 2nd day and by phone to try and get a variety of status credits and points fixed since January. Very tired of hearing it will be fixed or we're looking into it. This cannot be good for VA's bottom line. As a loyal Virgin flyer who pays for all my own flights...

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