Virgin Australia to launch travel money cash card

By David Flynn, April 18 2013
Virgin Australia to launch travel money cash card

Virgin Australia is set to add a travel money card, dubbed the Global Wallet, to its Velocity Frequent Flyer cards.

The move mirrors Qantas' forthcoming launch of Qantas Cash, which will potentially turn every Qantas Frequent Flyer Card into a smartchipped  money card.

Developed in partnership with Visa Virgin Australia's Velocity Global Wallet "will launch in the coming months", the airline says, and support a range of international currencies as well as Aussie dollars.

Travellers will be able to withdraw funds from Visa-compatible ATMs in Australia and around the world, and earn Velocity Frequent Flyer Points for purchases made using their Global Wallet, both in Australia and overseas. The cards will also support the tap-and-go payWave technology.

The GlobalWallet will be rolled out in new-look Velocity membership cards to be issued later this year.

In the lead-up to the card’s launch, Virgin Australia is now inviting "existing eligible Velocity members" to request their free new membership card, although Global Wallet won't be activated by default – members will need to do so online.

"This new prepaid innovation encapsulates Velocity Frequent Flyer’s proposition as a multi-faceted program that pushes traditional boundaries" said Velocity Frequent Flyer CEO Neil Thompson.

“Not only will our cards be the access point to a range of Velocity benefits including seamless check-in, access to lounges and priority services, they will make spending in Australia and overseas an easier, more rewarding experience."

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10 Mar 2011

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Not sure if they can honestly say it's a "new innovation" since they have basically copied what Qantas announced months ago.

24 Oct 2010

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Besides being tautological - it's not as if you can have an old innovation! :P

It will be interesting to see what the fees and surcharges are and the conversion rate. Right now for travelling, you can get cards that don't slap a 3% conversion fee + overseas transaction fee + overseas ATM fee.

But if we can use it locally in Australia just like a debit card, then sign me up!

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

10 Jan 2012

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It will have to be a Visa or MC Debit card which is usable fee free in Australia and internationally, otherwise why bother? As you said, there are other cards available (Credit and Debit) that offer fee fee transactions worldwide, and in 2013, that's the only type of card that should be offered by a provider. Especially by an airline with FF members who would travel overseas.

06 Feb 2012

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Fantastic! Any idea of a launch date?

24 Oct 2010

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Jinxy: can I suggest that if Virgin had advised any launch date, other than "in the coming months", we would have mentioned that in the article. :)

06 Feb 2012

Total posts 18 need to treat me like I'm stupid. I merely wondered if you'd been given any indication on a possible time frame rather than the coming months. As many Velocity members have received the email, it was only a question that perhaps I thought you may have "some" idea.

24 Oct 2010

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Nope - and again, if we had been given any indication of a launch timeframe other than "the coming months" – eg if Virgin had told us "early Q3" or "around Aug/Sept" Or "the first wave will be out in October" – then we'd have included that in the article (as long as they told us on the record or as background, of course). 


19 Apr 2013

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Just wanted to clear something up that is being brought up in the comments section on the article above.  Some are stating that Qantas was the originator of a multi currency prepaid airline travel card and that Virgin is copying them.  The reality is that in 2011 Air New Zealand worked with Rev Worldwide (the same technology partner to Virgin) and created the first multi-currency prepaid airline travel card offering rewards card, instant check in and much, much, more… So when it comes to innovation look to the company that the airline is partnering with - Rev is the innovator in this space ... proven with Air New Zealand's OneSmart card.

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