Disappointment in Qantas, again!

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Disappointment in Qantas, again!! Earlier last week I sent an Email to Qantas Customer Care regarding Work Experience. Today I receive a Phone Call from them saying that it is available and that I should contact The QF HR Department. This contradicts the information they sent me last year saying it wasn't available due to security reasons. Anyway, I contact the HR Department and I get a message saying the number is not valid. I decide to give them one more chance by contacting their head office. When I am connected I am informed that Qantas have not offered Work Experience for many years. This news shocks and disappoints me. I am wondering if anyone else has had a bad (or good) experience with QF Customer Care or any other airline, as I believe Customer Care and telling customers the truth should be high on their priority lists?


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I'm sure they didn't intentionally lie to you. It was probably a misunderstanding of the customer care team.


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It's hardly an issue to be writing a complaint about on this forum.

Not every customer service knows the corporate policies. They don't offer work experience and haven't for years. And it's not a customer care line issue...

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Every airline and every call centre the world over will have someone that will disappoint you. 
With over 30k staff, I would find it extremely difficult to communicate whether or not they offer work experience very difficult and probably not a priority of theirs.

Don't let that turn you off Qantas, or any other airline/call centre for that matter... 


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You are not a customer of their's - you have paid them nothing and they owe you nothing.

You are essentially asking them for a favour, yet you are "shocked and disappointed" that they don't offer work experience, and have in fact not offered it for many years as you say. Cue the violins!

Let me ask, what do you have to offer them, if anything at all?

Perhaps you should now seek compensation!


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Quick, call the Herald! This is exactly the sort of story they need for tomorrow's front page to help offset any positive perspectives that might be voiced following the Emirates deal being approved!

"QANTAS CEO DESTROYS DREAMS; also secures major game-changing deal".

Qantas does offer work experience (my nephew did some with them a few years ago) but it's the same as any other major public company. You either have to be offered the opportunity because someone has 'spotted' you, or you have to know someone who can get you in. Try getting work experience at a major newspaper, TV station, bank, law firm etc and you'll face similar battles.


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I should also mention that their stating that they don't only means that they don't have an official programme like some companies do. It means that they can pick and chose when someone comes up rather than trawling through hundreds of applications or committing to a quota of students each year.

In this case, someone at the call centre has given you a colloquial response ("Yeah, I think so - you better speak to our HR people"), then the HR people have given you the official response. Nobody is lying to you.


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It is true that Qantas hasn't offered Work Experience for many years but I am surprised that knowing you failed last year, you continue to try and get disapointed (again). Not many airlines offer work experience due to a security concern and usually if you wanted to work at an airline, you usually have to go through training programs etc etc.

Better luck next time!

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