• I'm in the same boat, booked for April 30th on EK417. As Emirates hasn't seemed to have made an official announcement I don't think anything will come of it for a few days at least. Qantas said the same thing - they said they weren't aware and asked for a link to the announcment from Emirates.

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  • Virgin Points Giveaway

    Feb 11, 2021, 08:25 AM

    Virgin has done this sort of promotion before with the same result - it’s just a bit of fun.

  • Originally Posted by tommygun Australian consumer law is weak at protecting people from contracts drawn up by large companies where terms are all in favour of the company. I think you'll find Qantas T's & C's pretty much fireproof, I'm sorry to say. Which is why my comment stands, ...

  • Nil. I'm sure you made your issues known during your flight and they did what they could to accomodate.

  • Sounds like they just need more staff in the lounge, and to make better use of the space- eg the upstairs area that is always closed.

  • I booked 2x first class from Sydney to London Gatwick no issues last year for flights this May. Keep an eye on when the flights are released and pounce. You’ll work out the release patterns as you continue to search.

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