• So when do the New Zealand flight cancellations extend to?

  • I previously had a flight with Thai Airways from Sydney to Hanoi in business class. They said it would take 3 months+ to process the refund. I then began the process of a chargeback from Amex and was able to gain the full amount back into my credit card. You should probably try the chargeback opt...

  • I have booked a flight with Thai airways and have had to cancel however they said that it would take over 6 months for refund to reappear in my credit card. I then rang AMEX and they put the transaction on hold and asked for written documentation that I had canceled the flight. After weeks of wai...

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    Nov 27, 2019, 02:54 PM

    19” is not a lot of seat width for a modern business seat. You can get similar width on economy with some airlines. Or it's average for Premium Economy however it is very poor for business class.

  • I was wondering if you are travelling with a group can you upgrade just one person from the group of three let's say.

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  • Hi,After waiting 180+ days I received a refund of nearly $6000. However, it was a major fight to receive this with letters to the ACCC and fair trading. I think if you hammer them enough they will eventually give in. However I recall the staff on the phone being quite rude so it is hard.It is pro...

  • Citi Prestige

    Aug 25, 2020, 08:52 AM

    Hi all,I was wondering if you could help with decide whether the citi prestige was worth it or not. I currently have the Amex platinum and the Emirates citi MasterCard. I am considering upgrading to the citi prestige from the Emirates card however with it $700 annual fee and a number of perks ove...

  • I think the Hilton Sydney is also being used

  • Or just call up Qantas and give them the booking reference and they can somehow do it through their end.

  • Originally Posted by mviy It's scheduled to start flying passenger flights on the 30th September. It has been reported that QF2 on 30th September shows the new seat map. I have just put in a dummy booking and it is not coming up with the new seatmap

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