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Hi all,

I was wondering if you could help with decide whether the citi prestige was worth it or not. I currently have the Amex platinum and the Emirates citi MasterCard. I am considering upgrading to the citi prestige from the Emirates card however with it $700 annual fee and a number of perks overlapping with the Amex platinum, is it truly worth it? If anyone is able to help me I’d be very grateful. Thanks


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I see the Amex and Citi cards as 'one or the other'. There's too much overlap with the benefits to justify paying for two, I think, and as far as benefits goes, Amex wins more broadly (and on points too: Citibank is crap).

Citi gives you more places where you can transfer your points, but the earn rates are generally low in the first place, so that doesn't add anything in Citi's favour, IMO.

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Depending on what you are after. Citiprestige is not a good card for earning points, I would stick with platinum charge if that's what you are after.

But if its perks you are after, there are some unique perks in Citiprestige that may make the $700 worthwhile. The biggest is obviously the 4th night free benefit. It used to be unlimited times but now its capped at 4x per calendar year. But if you travel more than 4x/yr and usually stay in expensive hotels, you can easily get the $700 worth back.

The Citi version of Priority Pass is also better as it still allow you to use it in restaurants. Not bad to grab a meal or 2 at our domestic airports.

Limousine service can be useful but personally I would value it at $50 as that's roughly the money you would pay if you call uber.

But like many said, not worth keeping both cards. Personally I hold Citiprestige for the perks and Amex Explorer for points. I just can't justify the $1450 annual fee with platinum charge.

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