• Article indicates that flights go on sale at around 10am. Must not be live in the booking portal yet as just tried a search, and returned results push you to EK via DXB on the outbound leg and AA/QF via SFO and LAX on the inbound leg. ...I await patiently :)

  • Looks like 3 different fabric/seat covering types? Eg: hero image (chocolate brown with arched quilted stitching. 1st image (light colour with pattern and parallel stitching. 3rd image (cream colour with wide, straight lined quilted stitching).

  • I particularly love how announcements are strategically cued to occur juuuuust as I'm about to adjust the IFE in someway and therefore locked from doing so until 700 minutes later when the announcement finally finishes. Then I go to attempt the IFE adjustment again and the same announcement start...

  • Definitely an improvement over the old app. Well overdue.I love that Michelle has >5000 SCs, yet is still only Gold. Nice one Michelle.

  • Traveling in J on AY to MUC via HKG later this month - very much looking forward to the journey and experiencing AY myself. Have heard many good things about them. First A350 flight too! :D

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  • About 2yrs too late. Certainly too late for me - switched back to QF when I realised that any SC earned over the 800SC required to requalify were essentially wasted.

  • Hah! Ignore them. They're everywhere. Just exhale, mutter "I hate people" under your breath and walk away. Well, try to. It's hard not to retaliate. I had a similar experience there on Thursday morning at about 5:30am when, on entering, some self-entitled prat decided to cut right to left th...

  • Thanks guys! Much appreciated :) 

  • Hi guys,Flying J from SYD-BKK and just wanted to check-off my lounge options and whether anyone has any preferences based on their own experience. Obviously in SYD I'll have access to the QF J lounge. And I imagine also the EK & CX lounges in both SYD and BKK. Also CIP lounge in BKK. Are ther...

  • You may have paid the same fare as the P1 passenger ON THIS FLIGHT, but their total spend per annum is going to be exponentially larger than a non-status passenger. THIS is why they get the pick of the seats.

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