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  • Hi docsimonm, do you mean Oneworld Emerald, Oneworld Sapphire doesn't grant access to First Lounges?

  • Hi Pilotkid,I'm not sure which policy are referring too. In my earlier post and Chris's reply Qantas states it's ONLY the Dubai Business Lounge when flying on a flight carrying a Qantas Flight Number.

  • Originally Posted by Pilotkid73 Has anyone had trouble getting into an Emirates lounge who is a QC member and also a silver member?Twice now, in Rome and Frankfurt I have been kicked out on my return to home leg!!I thought a QC membership gave me access to all lounges in the Qantas networ...

  • Originally Posted by ajd Originally Posted by Sibelius Originally Posted by ajd Originally Posted by Sibelius All true... however, there was a quiet change to Local Champion last year which makes it more attractive. It used to be that you could earn a maximum of 10,000 points via Local Champi...

  • QF63 diverted to MEL

    Jun 02, 2019, 04:37 PM

    Originally Posted by BatteryBen Saw QF63 diverted to MEL today. Curious to hear why if anyone knows. I believe it was medical

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