• Looks very nice but not for me. I won't pay a premium fare for a seat that faces the aisle. I don't fly ANZ long haul for this very reason.

  • I'll stick to QR thank you. The 'new' ER 2-2-2 reminds me of the old QR 777 ER arrangement but with heaps more 'bling'. I last travelled ER two years ago across the ditch to CHC and it was 2-3-2. Very narrow seats and three hours of that was enough. In regard to cabin service, I cannot comment ...

  • Qatar Qsuites for Sydney, Canberra

    Jan 12, 2018, 04:14 AM

    I also agree with the comments made. The 2-2-2 cabin arrangement in the 'old' 777 is, in my view, much better than the A380 and 787 1-2-1 layouts. They give a more spacious feel and have much more foot room for sleeping. The 1-2-1 layouts are very cramped in this regard. Whilst the old 777 is Ide...

  • Doesn't do it for me primarily because of the lack of 'foot' space; the cubby hole is just not good enough. I want to sleep on my way to and from Europe and a cramped cubby hole for my feet doesn't equal a good sleep. Unfortunately this now seems to be the trend. The best seat I found (for sleepi...

  • Airbus reveals new cabin designs

    Sep 02, 2017, 05:43 AM

    I appreciate its only a 'render' but is Airbus suggesting a 2-4-2 PE or perhaps Y directly behind J without any partition (as per Photos 1 and 3)?

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