Your complete guide to Qatar Airways’ unbundled Business Lite fares

Traditional perks such as airport lounge access are now sold separately on some Qatar Airways business class tickets.

By Chris C., October 15 2021
Your complete guide to Qatar Airways’ unbundled Business Lite fares

Qatar Airways is offering a new 'unbundled' business class fare without lounge access or advance seat selection, but at a reduced price, as part of an overhaul to its fare structure.

Marketed as Business Class Lite, the fare sits below the Business Class Classic, Comfort and Elite categories.

Like any unbundled fare, it comes with several caveats for the unwary traveller. But if the price is appealing, and especially if your frequent flyer status already provides lounge access, Qatar's Business Class Lite is worth a closer look.

What are Qatar Airways' unbundled business class fares?

Until November 2020, all Qatar Airways business class fares included the same core components such as access to airport lounges – both its own lounges and those of Oneworld partner airlines such as British Airways, Cathay Pacific and Qantas.

However, that month saw the launch of Qatar's Business Class Classic tickets, which became lounge-less.

Under this most recent change, new Business Class Classic fares see those lounge privileges return, but with a new Business Class Lite fare family sold sans lounge entry.

Qatar has some of the world's best business class lounges, but a Business Lite ticket won't get you through the door.
Qatar has some of the world's best business class lounges, but a Business Lite ticket won't get you through the door.

Business Class Lite sits at the bottom of Qatar's fare ladder: it has the lowest cost compared to its Business Class Classic, Comfort and Elite siblings, but also fewer inclusions.

Business Class Lite fares book into 'P' class; travellers booking flights directly through Qatar Airways' website are more likely to notice "Lite" as the description for these tickets, although "Business (P)" also appears during the booking process.

Those booking through travel agents and other portals may instead see "P class", "(P)", or similar, rather than "Lite".

Business Class Classic – which also has some restrictions – instead books as R class.

What do Qatar Airways' Business Class Lite fares include?

Whether a traveller books a lower-cost Business Class Lite ticket, a mid-range Business Class Classic or Comfort fare, or the higher-cost Business Class Elite brand, all include a basic package of benefits.

For example, all travellers can begin their journey at business class priority check-in, and can pack 40kg of checked baggage as standard on flights using the 'weight system', including those from Australia.

Priority baggage tagging, priority boarding, and of course, a business class seat on the aircraft also come standard, with all inflight dining and beverages similarly included regardless of the specific fare chosen.

What isn't included with Qatar Airways' Business Class Lite fares?

While much of the business class experience remains the same, other aspects differ for travellers booking Business Class Lite and Classic fares, rather than those more expensive.

Seat selection, for example, is only possible at check-in on a Business Class Lite or Classic fare, versus being able to choose your seat at any time prior to that, as is possible on the higher-tier Comfort and Elite fares.

If you want to choose your seat on a Business Lite or Classic fare, you'll need to hold suitable frequent flyer status.
If you want to choose your seat on a Business Lite or Classic fare, you'll need to hold suitable frequent flyer status.

Airport lounge access, as most travellers would expect when buying a business class ticket, isn't part of the package for Business Class Lite itineraries: only for Business Class Classic, Comfort and Elite tickets.

What does a Qatar Airways Business Class Lite fare cost?

In exchange for forgoing key perks like airport lounge access, Qatar's Business Class Lite fares are expectedly priced below the Classic, Comfort and Elite fare families.

A spot-check of Qatar Airways' fares on the busy Sydney-Doha-London route for May 2022 showed the following rates on the outbound leg of a return trip:

  • Business Class Lite: $3,392
  • Business Class Classic: $3,942
  • Business Class Comfort: $4,766
  • Business Class Elite: $6,450

(We're looking at the outbound leg only for a return itinerary, as Qatar is still limiting ticket sales on flights into Australia well into 2022 – with only Elite fares on the days we searched – until the country opens its borders.)

In this pricing example, the unbundled Lite fare delivers a saving of $550 against choosing Classic fares on the same flights.

It's also $1,374 less expensive than Business Class Comfort, and $3,058 cheaper than Business Class Elite: almost half its price on this single leg example.

Here's how Qatar Airways presents the fares on its website (note that the pricing in the screenshot is just for the 'Sydney-Doha-London' leg of a return-trip booking):

Qatar's Business Class Lite fare largely mirrors the Business Class Special fare of its competitor Emirates, which was introduced in 2019.

Emirates' fare also provided a lower price than regular business class tickets, but without comforts such as free chauffeur drive, lounge access, and seat selection prior to check-in.

Lounge access on Qatar Airways' Business Class Lite fares

Although airport lounge access isn't included by default when booking a Business Class Lite fare, there are several other ways that passengers can relax in a lounge prior to their flight.

Purchase Qatar Airways lounge access

Even on Business Class Lite fares, travellers can still purchase lounge access as a standalone experience in conjunction with their Qatar Airways flight.

In Doha, access to Qatar's Al Mourjan business class lounge – the same lounge that's complimentary when booking those other business class tickets – costs 450 QAR, or around A$170.

Qatar's Al Mourjan lounge for eligible business class guests also offers paid entry.
Qatar's Al Mourjan lounge for eligible business class guests also offers paid entry.

That might seem expensive for a lounge visit, but when considering the difference between the price of Lite and Classic fares, purchasing lounge access even during both Doha transits still finds the traveller ahead.

As an example, with the 'Sydney-Doha-London' trip we searched costing $3,392 on a lounge-less Lite fare, and $3,942 on a Classic ticket, the $170 paid for lounge access still leaves $380 in the passenger's pocket overall.

In fact, Qatar Airways also sells entry to its Al Safwa first class lounge for 600 QAR (A$226): so you could potentially pay less overall than a Classic fare, and get a better experience.

Qatar Airways' Al Safwa lounge features an eye-catching waterfall.
Qatar Airways' Al Safwa lounge features an eye-catching waterfall.

Qatar Airways also sells access to its less-impressive Doha "First Class Lounge" and "Business Class Lounge" – normally used by frequent flyers booked in economy – at a cost of 300 QAR (A$113) and 250 QAR (A$94), respectively.

(Available lounges on the day of travel may depend on worldwide travel restrictions, passenger numbers, and local regulations in Qatar, so check with the airline for your latest options.)

Qatar Airways lounge access by frequent flyer status

Just like when travelling in economy where lounge access isn't included through the fare, frequent flyers can still visit any lounges that their status would entitle them to visit, when booked on a Business Class Lite ticket.

In Doha, that means Qatar Airways Privilege Club Platinum members can still use the expansive Al Safwa first class lounge – this being the 'real' first class lounge – regardless of the fare type they choose.

Similarly, other Oneworld Emerald members (including Qantas Platinum) can use the "First Class Lounge" for frequent flyers, while Oneworld Sapphire frequent flyers (including Qatar Gold and Qantas Gold) can visit Doha's "Business Class Lounge".

Eligible travellers can also use partner lounges at other airports in line with their status, as available.

On Business Lite fares, frequent flyer status still gets you into the airport lounges of Qatar and its Oneworld partners.
On Business Lite fares, frequent flyer status still gets you into the airport lounges of Qatar and its Oneworld partners.

Qatar Airways' Silver frequent flyers can also use the "Business Class Lounge" in Doha when travelling with Qatar Airways only.

Airport lounge access via other memberships, or by purchase

As when travelling in economy, there's nothing stopping members of independent airport lounge programs from using the benefits of their membership.

Have a Priority Pass card? In Doha, that remains your ticket to the Al Maha Services Transit Lounge, where you can stay for up to four hours per 'lounge entry'.

(Temporarily, this is even upgraded to the Oryx Lounge in Doha, although the usual Priority Pass entitlement is to the Al Maha facility.)

Flying out of Australia, or other global airports like London Heathrow?

You may find other independent lounges available where entry can be purchased, or may be complimentary through a credit card or lounge membership: such as an American Express lounge, Marhaba Lounge or a Plaza Premium Lounge, when and where these facilities are open.

Seat selection on Qatar Airways' Business Class Lite, Classic fares

Beyond lounge access, advance seat selection is another point of difference between Business Class Lite and Classic fares, and the airline's other business class tickets.

Your tickets buys you a business class seat: which seat, however, is another question.
Your tickets buys you a business class seat: which seat, however, is another question.

However, like lounge access, some frequent flyers may still be able to select their seat from the time of booking, even on these tickets.

This is true for Qatar Airways Privilege Club Gold and Platinum cardholders, as well as other Oneworld Sapphire and Emerald members (e.g. Qantas Gold and Platinum), who can select their seat whenever they choose, even on a Business Class Lite or Classic fare.

All other travellers on these tickets, however, will only be able to choose their seat when online check-in opens 48 hours prior to departure, or at the airport.

With no 'middle seats' in Qatar Airways business class on any of its aircraft types, it won't be such a sticking point for solo flyers, but the same wouldn't be said of pairs or families travelling together.

Baggage allowance on Qatar Airways' Business Class Lite, Classic fares

Across all three Qatar Airways business class fare types, the airline offers a base baggage allowance of 40kg on flights where the 'weight system' is used, such as from Australia.

The airline has previously confirmed to Executive Traveller that any additional checked baggage allowances that would normally apply under Qatar Airways Privilege Club, or other Oneworld tier benefits, will continue to apply even on entry-level business class tickets.

Here's how that looks for elite members of Privilege Club, and other Oneworld frequent flyer programs, including Qantas Frequent Flyer.

Frequent flyer card

Total checked baggage allowance

Standard Business Class Lite/Classic allowance


Non-Qatar Oneworld Ruby
(e.g. Qantas Silver)
Non-Qatar Oneworld Sapphire
(e.g. Qantas Gold)

No additional allowance
(40kg total)

Qatar Airways Privilege Club Silver

+15kg (55kg total)

Qatar Airways Privilege Club Gold
Non-Qatar Oneworld Emerald
(e.g. Qantas Platinum)

+20kg (60kg total)

Qatar Airways Privilege Club Platinum

+25kg (65kg total)

Notably, while Oneworld Sapphire frequent flyers ordinarily receive 15kg of extra checked baggage under Oneworld alliance rules, the starting point for that calculation is always the lead-in allowance in economy class, even if the passenger is booked in a higher cabin.

Because Qatar's lead-in Economy Class Classic fares provide 25kg of checked baggage, a 15kg boost on that figure still equals 40kg.

That's no better than what's included as standard on the Business Class Lite or Classic fare, and thus, gives no additional allowance for these flyers.

As you'll see above, Qatar Airways also provides more generous checked baggage allowances to its own Privilege Club frequent flyers versus what's required under Oneworld alliance rules, as apply to frequent flyers from other airlines.

That's why you'll see extra checked baggage for Privilege Club Silver (which is also Oneworld Ruby) and Privilege Club Gold (as is Oneworld Sapphire), as well as different allowances for Privilege Club Platinum (being Oneworld Emerald) versus Oneworld Emerald cardholders from other frequent flyer programs.

Getting a refund on Qatar Airways' new business class fares

Qatar's Business Class Lite, Classic, Comfort and Elite fares are all refundable – both to a voucher for future travel, as well as a cash refund back to the original payment method – but there are some differences when cash refunds are involved.

Business Class Elite fares provide free cancellations: this being a full refund at no cost, back to the credit card used for purchase, in the event the passenger cancels.

Business Class Lite, Classic and Comfort fares instead have varying cancellation fees, as can change based on region of travel, booking currency, and other factors.

Qatar Airways' new four-tiered business class fare family.
Qatar Airways' new four-tiered business class fare family.

For other changes, Elite fares provide these at no cost (subject to any fare difference), while Lite fares levy a fee with every change (as a gain varies by market, also subject to any fare difference).

Classic tickets afford one complimentary change, and Comfort fares provide two, although both are again subject to any fare differences.

Earning frequent flyer points on Qatar Airways' unbundled business class fares

In Qatar Airways Privilege Club, the number of frequent flyer points ('Qmiles') a passenger can earn is influenced by their fare class.

On business class bookings, Elite fares earn the most Qmiles, followed by Comfort tickets, then Classic fares, and then Lite itineraries.

Taking a one-way trip from Sydney to London would provide 21,874 Qmiles in Business Class Elite, 19,140 Qmiles in Business Class Comfort, 13,671 Qmiles in Business Class Classic, and 8,203 Qmiles in Business Class Lite.

In other frequent flyer programs operated by partners, such as Qantas Frequent Flyer, the earning rates across Qatar's business class fares are instead often the same.

For example, a Qantas Frequent Flyer member would fetch a total of 10,400 Qantas Points plus 140 status credits on the same one-way booking.

That's regardless of whether Business Class Classic is booked, or the most expensive Business Class Elite ticket.

Qantas Frequent Flyer is yet to recategorise the 'P' fare letter from first class to business class, but that's likely to occur prior to October 1 2021, when the first flights take off with Lite passengers on board.

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Chris C.

Chris is a a former contributor to Executive Traveller.

Not sure if becoming Norwegian Air is a model becoming of premium products. Frankly, I think it will turn off many people. No on wants to pay top dollar for a premium product, and then get nickeled and dimed- or picked Norwegian in the first place.

Instead of getting nickel-and-dimed when travelling in Business, I'd rather fly Economy with oneworld Emerald. Lounge is not indispensable as we can always fall back on Priority Pass, Amex and PAYG ones. Not being able to pick a seat prior to departure, on the other hand, makes me nervous. That's why I always pay to secure a seat when flying BA, which were usually ridiculously priced. But now, I'd be glad to fly in any metal tube, in any class and go anywhere overseas.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

28 Dec 2011

Total posts 95

I like it, as it suits us. We are both (Wife and I ) gold and silver so lounge access is not a problem. 

07 Mar 2017

Total posts 59

... Assuming it _isn't_ a problem.

As per the article, they could put a condition on the fare that it is not eligible for lounge entry, even with Gold status.

07 Mar 2017

Total posts 59

By all appearances, this is just a cut in inclusions. $7500 roundtrip to London was comparable to existing, previous business class pricing on Qatar. Now, if you want lounge access with them, the base fare is $10400. So really, what this is is a cut to existing services but selling at the same price as before. R class was also something sold by them before - but with the extras. This is going to catch out those that book the cheapest and then find they have to pay hundreds more to get lounge access as well at each stop. 

That base price will still get you lounge access with competing carriers. Unless competitors also cut inclusions, I'll be booking with them to avoid the extra cost with Qatar.

KW72 Banned
KW72 Banned

17 Jun 2020

Total posts 238

I think this will backfire on Qatar unless there is a significant change to their pricing. Would not pay nearly $8k to go to London to have no lounge access and not know where I am sitting on the aircraft. 

Plenty of competitors with similar service and more inclusions at a lower cost. 

United Airlines - Mileage Plus

12 Sep 2011

Total posts 328

fly Lufthansa/Swiss/SQ   easy done!  just buy a LX or Lg Global fare and expereince FULL service Really who would fly through DOHA  Wrecked my backback inspecting it at  NO PREMIUM service transit security - as QR F PER-DOH-AMM then RJ C AMM-TLV In many ways glad I cxld my QR F flights this year booked through AA miles to TLV  Thanks COVID (first time Ive said thx to COVDI)   after i found out Qatar (and therefore QR as a state owned airline supports Kurdish and Armenian genocide via their TURKISH DICTATOR friend  


03 May 2013

Total posts 672

Not really becoming of a carrier which had placed itself in the best of the best league. Immediately cheapens the brand I feel.

23 Feb 2015

Total posts 262

Illogical that lounge would not be available if it is available with an economy seat. That will kill it before it starts.

Well that, and the fact that it requires travelling via Doha.

10 Nov 2020

Total posts 1

This is no longer a business class ! Even with first class, these long flights are boring . I don't expect this from a five star airline 👎✈️🌏🤔

United Airlines - Mileage Plus

12 Sep 2011

Total posts 328

Corrupt qatar back airline Dont fly it  !!!! Qatar supports the turkish  genocide of Kurds and Armenians both current!

24 Feb 2012

Total posts 58

Whether this is true or not I don’t think this is the forum to be venting on political topics like this 


Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

14 Sep 2012

Total posts 381

Honestly and truely who comes up with these dumb ideas. I looked up the definition of “classic” (the new marketing spin airfare name) and the adjective is “judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind”.  What’s next, cafe style catering to purchase on board for “classic” fare holders?

British Airways - Executive Club

11 Nov 2020

Total posts 3

I really don't undestand this move. Qatar always had the image of being a premium carrier. Now it's starting to become some low-cost carrier. All of that to save maybe a couple of tenners on drinks and coffee? really?? I am just amazed that there was not one single bright mind at Qatar that could have stopped this idiotic move. 

You save a bit on sandwiches and coffee but guess you will have to pay dearly with the image of your brand.

Next to that I already see the scenes at the lounge of people buying a BC ticket assuming they have lounge access. 

Also... this is not about offering cheaper tickets to your possible clientele... this is just "undressing" current fares and hoping it will force people to spend more  in order to not having to hang around the airport between flights - which I personally see as such poverty. 

Wondering if they will still give OW Sapp/Emerald access to their lounges, else I am definitely not going to fly with them anymore. I always have R-fares and think it is ridiculous to pay hundreds extra to access a lounge. In that case I'll just fly on other carriers - plenty of others that are willing to provide some decent extras with a BC ticket.

Quite a stupid move if you ask me... especially in these times where I expect that when air traffic will normalise, airlines will fight to get business travellers back on their metal.

11 Nov 2020

Total posts 1

Bad move Qatar. 

This instantly makes me look elsewhere for flights. BA have spent several years racing to the bottom and it looks like Qatar are about to follow.

I have a suspicion that this move is to allow Qatar business class flights to appear unbeatable on value when using third party web search tools and there are likely to be many customers who get caught.

With a bit of luck the sensible heads at Qatar will reverse this decision and send the business managers and marketing experts who came up with this idea into a distant room with a very large box of paperclips to straighten.

We all know that Covid has been devastating for the travel industry but initiatives like this are more likely to end in short term gain at the expense of long term integrity.

27 May 2017

Total posts 21

They haven't made it cheaper though!!! Does anyone know what the prices were before?


24 Oct 2014

Total posts 6

As a travel agent , seeing the fares above they are about $1500- $2500 more than they were sell back in Feb/Mar. The R class fare was an " early bird " or promotional fare that included all bells & whistles and top level points . Why would you now buy an R class fare pos-COVID19 that is about $1500 more than pre-COVID19 and have no lounge access and seat allocation included  ? $8000 is about the same as EY or EK to London when their promotional fares are available and their fare includes lounge access . From what I see is ... QR have raised their promotion fare to about $8000 and taken out any luxuries and slapped a " Classic " label on it ..... I'd tell my clients to look at  BA/SQ/LH group combo's or if they want a 1 stop flight pay a few $ more and go EK or EY - get full service .....

United Airlines - Mileage Plus

12 Sep 2011

Total posts 328

LH Gruppe  Global fares use SQ  and maybe I think BA   So Lufthansa Gruppe fares ueber alles! Ja?

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

25 Mar 2020

Total posts 4

Anyone know what the situation would be using points to buy business on Qatar.  My wife and I use them every year for a European trip in business using Qantas points.  So, next time I book which business class ticket do we get?


KW72 Banned
KW72 Banned

17 Jun 2020

Total posts 238

It is also my understanding that those on points tickets will also not be able to select seats or have lounge access unless they are oneworld elite. 

This would means no access to QR-operated lounges in outports, and to the Al Mourjan lounge in Doha if on a points ticket. 

08 May 2020

Total posts 42

I like that Qatar is trying to bridge the monumental gap in price between Economy and Business but I don’t think this is enough.  Personally I’m only interested in the onboard experience and can do away with all the champagnes and lounges but the price would need to be a LOT cheaper.  Other Oneworld carriers offer all the bells and whistles at 35% less than these prices.

British Airways - Executive Club

11 Nov 2020

Total posts 3

Do you actually think they will lower prices??? The prices are the same level as they also were before this change. You just get less perks for the same price.

Next to that... I do have to say that Qatar is absolutely not a more expensive deal than other OW carriers. Actually they have quite good prices - going for business promos.

Personally I just think they will break down their image as a premium carrier with these kind of low-cost jokes. At travel agent websites you can usually not see the booking class and I foresee quite some scenes at the lounge when people find out they have to hang around in the departure halls - which I find such a poor travel experience.

Jetstar Airways - Qantas Frequent Flyer

24 Aug 2018

Total posts 106

As a couple of platinum (Q) senior recreational travellers, this move may well be advantageous. Obtain a couple of J seats at a reduced price and use the status to gain the other benefits? What is the problem.....except the ability to leave Aus. Mind you, forced isolation in Amsterdam's  Jordaan, Paris'  Marais or Memphis ( Tennessee) Mud Island area sounds a lot better than locked into Victoria border controls.  So, thank you Chris for explaining the relevant issues for us.

British Airways - Executive Club

11 Nov 2020

Total posts 3

Using your status to get the other benefits will probably only work for seat choice. As for lounge access be prepared to be turned away at the Qatar lounge in Doha and redirected to the OW one. And... do not believe you will have actually cheaper tickets.

26 Sep 2020

Total posts 14

It looks like this has already backfired. The differential between Classic and Comfort has already fallen from $1,500 each way to Europe in the example in the article to "only" $500 as of now. It was always unsustainable. Who was ever going to pay over $10,000 for SYD-LHR-SYD when you can fly with Singapore or Qantas for $8,000.

10 Dec 2010

Total posts 6

If travelling in business class on Qatar award tickets from the Qantas frequent flyer program, will I be able to have access to Qatar lounges in London or Paris or Singapore if prepared to pay cash. If travelling from London, Paris, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur or Sydney in business class, would one be allowed complimentary access ,pay a fee or be entitled to nothing at Oneworld lounges?

Many thanks,


Jetstar Airways - Qantas Frequent Flyer

24 Aug 2018

Total posts 106

Hi Chris- trust you or any fellow traveller can assist with my query. We are travelling to Madrid, via Doha with Qatar  and return to Australia from CDG via Doha also with Qatar. Travel agent booked their J class but I am not sure which level. As QFF platinum level, are we barred from the Al Mourjan lounge if our tickets are of the Lite variety. I have checked many references, but most are ambiguous.

The only thing which gets you into the Al Mourjan lounge is a business class ticket, your QF Platinum status won't make a difference. So if you have been booked on a Business Lite ticket and that ticket doesn't include lounge access, then you won't be able to use to the Al Mourjan lounge, only the lounge to which your QF Platinum membership is entitled, which would be the new Qatar Platinum Lounge.



31 Mar 2014

Total posts 23

I have to admit I invariably used QR on PER/LHR/PER in the past when travelling with my wife but, as a consequence of these changes, I may reconsider and look elsewhere when we travel together. I have a QF9/QF10 coming up and the fare differential was not significantly greater so QR may lose a premium customer depending on that experience.

American Airlines - AAdvantage

12 Jun 2023

Total posts 6

You now have to pay for a seat selection at its classic fare bucket. I just priced a trip From JFK to Doha in October. Fare is U$D12,381.45. Lounge is included but seat selection must be paid for. 

Madness, and I so wouldn't do this, but that's just me.  But hey, if people do this... good for QR. 

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