• Rex cuts Sydney-Melbourne flights

    Feb 23, 2021, 12:02 PM

    They're flying planes Virgin used up to last year. Virgin didn't have an exceptional number of cancelled flights of mechanical delays.

  • Given it was over 6 years ago, it's far from "swooping" and actually from Westjet, not Qantas.

  • And you're getting back how?

  • Just because they limit themselves to sandwiches and crackers, doesn't mean they have to limit the choice so drastically.Just two choices of sandwich, all on white bread, with pretty uninspiring fillings. There were better choices in other lounges pre-covid.Very uninspired.

  • Yes, my comment referred to the source, not the testing regime. Basically, testing in this way is not 100% guaranteed, hence why quarantine normally accompanies it. However, this agreement is in place avoids quarantine as the source countries have a very low infection rate as well as policie...

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