• I wonder if the long rumoured Delta purchase of a share in VA might happen? Could be a strategic move for DL after their share purchase of LATAM to get a new partner in Aust with LATAM leaving oneworld.

  • I use Ola frequently when travelling and have never had an issue with them. Earning more points is a slight bonus but they are my preferred ride share service for the past year

  • What will those like me get who have our cars thru salary packaging get? It is a pretty poor earn rate either way at this stage. I normally use a local BP distributor to purchase my fuel as they can be 30 cents a litre cheaper than anywhere else when prices are at the top of the cycle

  • Bacl in the early 2000s approx 03/04 QF went direct to BOM that service back then was hit and miss direct for pax numbers hence why they stopped it. Back then it was run by A333 so would expect the same aircraft type to be used again if and when they go direct to India

  • I got the Velocity voice email last week and responded it needs to look at a style similar to Club Marriott/ IHG Ambassador/ Accor Plus as options of what benefits it could offer along with the possibility of adding a membership to one of those prorams as a benefit of the VA Offering. 2 Lounge pa...

  • Purchasing Upgrades at Check In

    Jan 06, 2020, 06:22 PM

    Fiji Airways do as well

  • As Chris said there isno VA Lounge in NAN. You can also pay at the door if you dont have priority pass. Dont expect a view from the lounge though as it is on the ground floor and blocked out by heavy curtains

  • BUPA if your with Velocity, BP on Feul and instore on occasions has had double points, transferring of points from supermarket partners for both QFF (Woolies) and Velocity (Coles/ Flybuys). Always good to look on Velocity page as they have bonus offers displayed and updated regularly.

  • Also look for Promo codes on sites like OzBargin, Life/ Flight hacks can sometimes also get a discount to around $750 return to AKL with Domestic leg involved.

  • I try to tag a domestic leg onto a trip to either NAN or AKL for the extra status points that gives me in order to retain gold. Generally I do either SYD to MEL or BNE for the domestic legs and in J they provide 50 status credits each with approx 80 for the international sector. The cost is norma...