• I know QF fly to YVR seasonally out of SYD, but with the reduced capacity if they used the 787, could they add MEL to the list & then compete with AC. The aircraft could then hop over to Perth & then maybe onto Qantas' 3rd european destination

  • Sounds like QF could be sending the Dreamliner straight to LA after returning back in Melbourne from London with the change in departure of QF95. Given the arrival time of QF96, the aircraft could be on the ground in Melbourne for 3-4 hrs before being sent back to London. Aircraft utilisation to ...

  • Is it possible that QF are using the 789 to LAX out of MEL to see how the aircraft goes flying across the pacific with DFW in mind & making sure the numbers add up to make it a viable option. If yes, then splitting the flights out of Melbourne to both LAX & DFW

  • Having just flown to NY from MEL yesterday I would definitely consider flying non stop from SYD. Changing aircraft at LAX was a joke!! The transit time between arriving and departing was about 90min. You'd think that would be sufficient time but nope. Waiting in line for immigration then getting ...

  • I joined late February & the points were in my account a month later

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