Vodafone to launch $5/day global roaming plans on August 22nd

By David Flynn, August 12 2013
Vodafone to launch $5/day global roaming plans on August 22nd

Vodafone Australia is expected to reveal its new global roaming plans for travellers visiting New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the USA on August 22nd ahead of a September launch.

The carrier has this afternoon issued media invitations to what it promises will be "one of the most unique press conferences you've ever been a part of" – a briefing which begins at Sydney International Airport's Air New Zealand lounge on the morning of Thursday August 22nd and according to the invite, wraps up at 6pm the following day.

Given that we've been asked to pack "a passport, warm clothes and a sense of adventure" we get the feeling that a flight to New Zealand is on the cards – either that, or we're spending two days camped out in the AirNZ lounge.

Vodafone's new 'Roam Like Home' plans will let Vodafone subscribers use their domestic plan's voice, text and data allowances for an additional $5 per day in NZ, the USA and the UK.

Current Vodafone subscribers will need to move to one of the new plans to qualify for the global roaming cap, but the invitation also provides a hint that the right to roam may not come cheap: Vodafone describes the $5/day roaming offer as "part of our new flagship plans that offer our customers the VIP treatment".

Yes, you spotted that too... ''flagship' and 'VIP' are not usually words associated with the low-cost end of the scale.

Australian Business Traveller will be attending the launch as a guest of Vodafone Australia so we'll bring you the details as soon as they come to hand.

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14 Jun 2013

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I was hoping these plans would just be normal high-capped plans but by the sounds of things they will be top of the range with a price to match. Still keen to see them before I decide which way to go, currently with Optus and thinking of moving to 4G, all carriers do good 4G where I live and work but the roaming could be what wins me over to Vodafone.

12 Jun 2013

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At five bucks a day, it doesn't take long before it's easier and cheaper to just have a prepaid SIM for every country you regularly visit. 

20 Jun 2014

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True but for business trips with a few days each in a few different countries this is a godsend.

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