Where to find health-conscious hotels

Respect your wellbeing by staying at hotels that go the extra mile to look after you.

By Louise Wedgwood, September 26 2019

Regular travel can be a barrier to maintaining healthy habits. But a boom in ‘wellness’ tourism means travel doesn’t have to leave you the worse for wear. On the contrary, you can use time on the road as a tool to get closer to your health goals. All while still taking care of business.

Where the gym is part of your room

You wake up and the exercise equipment is right there. Or maybe you just like the privacy of your own space. It’s often easier to keep fitness priorities in sight when the gym equipment is literally in your face, all of the time.

Opting for one of TRYP hotels’ “fitness rooms” brings the gym basics to you. You get an elliptical, exercise bike or treadmill, and an exercise mat. These rooms are available in nearly all 41 TRYP locations, including Dubai, Manila, New York and Frankfurt.

Similarly, the Swissotel Zurich and The Stamford in Singapore offer a Vitality Room. This room boasts leather hand weights and weighted pulleys, a yoga station, plus an interactive cyber-trainer.

Across the US, and in Nanjing, China, the Even brand of hotels is “where wellness is built in”. Along with gym equipment, cork flooring and workout videos, their rooms are kitted out with ergonomic workstations. These standing desks keep you on your feet while you smash out emails.

At Westin hotels, the band gives guests scenic 5km and 8km route maps. You can even borrow running gear from the hotel.

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Business hotel meets wellness retreat

Some city hotels servicing the business traveller give health such priority that their set-up rivals a mountain wellness retreat.

If you check into The Langham, Melbourne, make sure you leave time to savour both the spa and gym. Forget your troubles in The Chuan Spa’s aromatherapy steam rooms, saunas and sunny conservatory-covered pool. Alternatively, at the gym you can join a group fitness class in boxing, yoga or meditation. Or do your own thing while contemplating the Melbourne skyline and Yarra River.

Chill out in the Rosewood Hong Kong's 25-metre outdoor infinity pool above Victoria Harbour.

One of the newest options for gym junkies is The Rosewood, Hong Kong. Its 260-square-metre fitness centre includes dedicated yoga and meditation spaces. After a stretch, sweat or spa session you might chill out in the 25-metre outdoor infinity pool above Victoria Harbour.

In London, The COMO Metropolitan offers everything from a 24-hour gym to acupuncture and personal yoga instruction.

In London, The COMO Metropolitan offers everything from a 24-hour gym to acupuncture and personal yoga instruction. One of their special spa packages is “The Red Eye”. It includes a massage on arrival, followed by a breakfast tray and access to your room from 11am.

Likewise, at the Como’s luxury Perth hotel, the spa menu features a “jet lag” package. Let the time zones melt away with a massage, eye-brightening treatment and rejuvenating foot soak and scrub.

Runners stop here

If you love setting one foot in front of the other to shake off jetlag and stay lean, these hotels have got you covered.

The Westin brand gives guests scenic 5km and 8km route maps, plus guided group runs. You can even borrow running gear from the hotel, for just $US5 (don’t worry, you keep the socks). Alternatively, you can stay in one of the “workout” rooms and run on your in-room treadmill. In Australia, for example, you can book a workout room at The Westin Melbourne. 

Guided group runs are offered by The Westin.

Another city where hotel staff will show you the sights while putting you through your paces is London. The Rubens and Hotel 41 offer local “sports buddies” to show you suitable jogging routes. No more doubling back along boring dead-ends.

Eat well

Who needs tempting junk food under their nose? Instead of the usual mini-bar, Rocco Forte hotels, in Europe, China and Russia, will stock yours with nutritious treats. Snack smart with dessert-flavoured raw food bars, kale crisps, vegetable crackers, nuts and coconut water at your fingertips.

The next morning, those with food intolerances can fuel up with almond and soy milk, quinoa, hummus, crudités and gluten-free goodies up for grabs. Rest assured, the bacon and eggs are there, too.

Prefer to put together your own healthy meals? At Affinia Hotels, New York City, you can have nutritious grocery kits delivered to your rooms in advance. The tailored options include: “keep going” “work smart” and “healthy spin”.

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Sweet dreams

Sure, you’ve encountered pillow menus before, but with this much choice? Across the suite of Conrad Hotels & Resorts around the globe, there are an astounding 75 pillow options. Take the inner spring or the water pillow, for instance. Or if you have a thing for firm support, opt for the porcelain pillow in Singapore, popular in ancient China.

For a comprehensive approach to sleep hygiene, Marriott hotels have “stay well” rooms with perks such as air purifiers, organic mattresses, circadian lighting and aromatherapy. Then their app provides guided meditation and stress management programs. Find these rooms in American cities, such as Boston and Atlanta.

For those of us who work hard to stick to our health routines on the road, healthy hotel options abound. Some forethought when booking accommodation can help to keep your wellbeing, diet and fitness goals well on track, no matter where you travel.

Louise Wedgwood

Louise Wedgwood is a Brisbane-based 'science-savvy' health and lifestyle writer.



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