Avalon to become Victoria's second international airport

By David Flynn, October 12 2012
Avalon to become Victoria's second international airport

Avalon Airport will become Victoria's second international airport and build a new $15m terminal up to 10,000 square metres to cater for the customs and security requirements of overseas flights along with space for retail and duty-free.

The Federal Government will amend the terms of the airport's lease to upgrade it from the current domestic-only status.

Avalon Airport is located 55km south-west of the Melbourne CBD, sitting nearest to the regional Victorian centre of Geelong.

Avalon Airport chief executive Justin Giddings welcomed the move, saying "This decision cements Avalon's future as Victoria's second major domestic and new international airport."

"With this decision, we can now get on with the job of securing an international carrier and building international passenger facilities."

Still up in the air, so to speak, is the proposed rail link from Avalon to the Geelong-Melbourne line. The Victorian government has pledged $3 million over two years for planning and development of the project, but state premier Ted Baillieu said the government would welcome federal assistance to build the link.

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10 Mar 2011

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Amazing... Victoria manages to get a second international airport but the NSW and Federal government are too pathetic to do anything for Sydney. 

I hope they turn Avalon into a competitive second airport to give tulla a run for its money. they should learn from the early days of Gatwick, which has improved alot. But Gatwick was like a third world country airport because BA wouldn't develop it.

When avalon starts to take their business, maybe macquarie bank will lower their airport taxes at tulla and the sky high parking fees whilst giving us crappy services and blocking any attempts to build a rail network there because they will lose their parking cash cow.

i probably dreaming, lol

01 Feb 2012

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Tullamarine is owned by AMP, Hastings, and Deutsche, is it not?

21 Sep 2012

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Gatwick is still the poor relation!  I've flown into it a couple of times this year (normally I use Heathrow) and its horrendous!  Very long lines for immigration even with an UK/EU passport!  Place looks like its a permanent building site!!

I have landed at the Avalon airport and I just imagine how huge the new airport would be and definately  bigger than melbourne international and the gorgeous Geelong is just minutes away

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