Bar High Five pops at Hong Kong's Landmark Mandarin Oriental hotel

By David Flynn, September 5 2016
Bar High Five pops at Hong Kong's Landmark Mandarin Oriental hotel

It's not like Hong Kong is short of bars – you could visit a different drinking spot every night and one year down the track, still be working your way through the list.

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Now there’s one more bar to slot into your schedule: Bar Five HK at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental.

It’s a spin-off from Tokyo’s highly-regarded Bar High Five in Ginza, a Japanese cocktail institution currently feted as one of Asia’s best bars.

Bar Five HK is nestled in the intimate and exclusive upstairs private room of the hotel’s MO Bar, which in turn has been redecorated to mimic the jewel-box decor of bar’s Japanese parent.

Bar High Five founder and master bartender Hidetsugu Ueno (above, right) will take his place behind the counter at Bar Five HK, bringing his theatrical approach leading a skilled team of mixologists with 14 specially crafted cocktails on the menu, so you’re definitely in for a treat.

The pop-up will shine a light on the idiosyncratic art of Japanese bartending and showcase Ueno’s legendary theatrical approach, which includes meticulously carving giant blocks of ice into intricate diamonds – a spectacle guests find as enjoyable as the carefully-crafted and often playful cocktails he makes.

But be quick: Bar High Five HK is a temporary pop-up installation at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, and will close on 31 October 2016, so maybe this one needs to move to the top of your bar-hopping list.

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better check with the bank manager before you go - the prices are likely to be eye watering!


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I'm sure my favourite Chartreuse is there somewhere, lets also hope they know how  to do David's Lychee Martini.

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