Bombardier’s Nuage chaise adds a luxury note to the business jet

By David Flynn, May 21 2019
Bombardier’s Nuage chaise adds a luxury note to the business jet

Despite their name, business jets don’t need to be all about business: their inherent flexibility also allows for some downtime above the clouds.

Bombardier clearly shares that philosophy though the latest addition to its Global 5500 and Global 6500 private aircraft: the Nuage chaise lounge.

An evolution of and a companion to the reclining Nuage seat which debuted in mid-2018, the Nuage chaise serves as a combination divan, bed and seating bench.

As a divan, the Nuage chaise is perfect for relaxing in style as you jet from A to B.

“The Nuage chaise introduces an all-new, ergonomically-perfected lounge position,” espouses Bombardier Business Aircraft exec Peter Likoray.

“In designing the Nuage chaise, we wanted to bring flexibility to the cabin experience, maximising comfort and relaxation on long-haul flights.”

The chaise’s minimalist style lends to the cabin’s open feeling, but there’s plenty of clever design and engineering under those soft cream-coloured cushions.

A pneumatic lever lowest the back of the chaise to a long flat bed, which can double as a wide bench for meetings or banquet-style dining around the conference table.


The chaise sits atop a platform with two deep storage drawers, so that business jet designers can install the more flexible Nuage chase instead of a the more conventional and restrictive credenza.

The Nuage chaise and chair will adorn Bombardier’s Global 5500 and Global 6500 aircraft, which will take wing by the end of 2019.

The ultra-long range twin-jets also feature a dedicated rest area; a full kitchen kitted out with chef-friendly helpers as a steam oven; plus high-speed inflight WiFi with 4K video screens.

There’s even a private suite inspired by a ‘secluded retreat’ with an optional walk-in shower and direct access during the flight to the pressurised baggage space.


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