Bremont's Supersonic watch contains an actual piece of a BA Concorde

By David Flynn, October 25 2018
Bremont's Supersonic watch contains an actual piece of a BA Concorde

Watches may ostensibly serve to tell the time, but their ticking heart is really more about telling a story – and this new collaboration between Bremont and British Airways has quite the story.

The limited-edition Supersonic watch contains part of a Concorde. Yes, an actual slice of a fuselage which has soared high above the clouds at speeds beyond Mach 2.

Slip one of the subtly elegant and very exclusive Supersonic timepieces on your wrist and you’ll also be wearing a piece of British Airways Concorde G-BOAB (also known as ‘Alpha Bravo’) which BA donated to Bremont.

The Supersonic’s sunburst white dial represents Concorde’s specially developed highly reflective paint.

Also unique for Bremont: the manufacturer’s first ever manual wind movement...

... with an 8-day power reserve and a power reserve indicator under the 12 o’clock position (which itself is shaped like, you guessed it, the Concorde).

The Supersonic's blue hands take their cue from British Airways’ livery…

… while a subtle stylised Concorde motif is evident on the second-hand sub dial.

So where in the watch is that supersonic sliver? It’s embedded into the caseback.

Specifically, aluminium taken from the Concorde has been machined into a decorated ring which sits within the caseback design, underneath the crystal.

This ring details G-BOAB’s manufacture number (208), years of active service, number of supersonic flights as well as her top speed.

And if you look again, you can see the Concorde's iconic silhouette worked into the mechanism.

Even the packaging is inspired by the Concorde's aerodynamic needle-like nose, which was designed to ‘droop’ down by 12 degrees but raised during flight, with a reinforced tinted visor sliding up to protect the cockpit windows at supersonic speeds.

The special edition watch was unveiled at an event in London exactly 15 years after Concorde’s official farewell was held at Heathrow on October 24, 2003.

But for Bremont co-founder Giles English, the Concorde “was more than just metal. She inspired pride and emotion – that is truly a rare thing. The Bremont Supersonic is our unique tribute to the world’s only successful supersonic airliner; it’s an honour to work with a prestigious company such as British Airways and for them to trust us with their Concorde heritage.”

The Supersonic watch will be limited to just 500 pieces: 300 will be produced with a stainless steel case and will sell for A$16,995; 100 in rose gold (A$29,995) and 100 in white gold (A$31,995).


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07 Mar 2017

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Why would BA "donate" a plane to another company, to use for their profit, and at the same time destroy it?

04 Dec 2013

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Great marketing for BA.

And far from donating a plane - if that piece is machined from a square inch of aluminium, you're looking at less than 3.5sq feet of sheet metal for all 500. They probably had a bit of a spare flap lying around...

05 Oct 2016

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I like it but I must say when I think of aviation I always think of GMTs

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