Cathay Pacific is closing its Hong Kong airport arrivals lounge

By David Flynn, October 24 2018
Cathay Pacific is closing its Hong Kong airport arrivals lounge

Cathay Pacific will close its popular but often overcrowded arrivals lounge at Hong Kong Airport on Monday November 5 as the airport gears up to redevelop its two terminals.

The lounge was a handy perk for premium passengers – including first and business class, Marco Polo Club Gold and Diamond members, and oneworld Emerald members such as Qantas Platinum card-holders – arriving on Cathay's morning flights.

This includes very early morning arrivals, including the overnight CX138 service from Sydney, which often lands well before its scheduled 5am slot when even the Airport Express train to the city hasn't started running.

It's not the worst spot to grab a quick breakfast and  catch up on overnight emails and news before heading into the city, although the lounge is often 'standing room' only, with queues and hour-long waiting lists for the eight shower suites.

Cathay Pacific doesn't have an alternative lounge arrangement in place, although if you're keen on the arrivals lounge concept it would be worth checking out the Plaza Premium Arrivals Lounge located directly opposite Cathay Pacific's arrivals lounge, which can be accessed via Priority Pass membership or flashing your AMEX Platinum Charge Card at the door.

The Plaza Premium Arrivals Lounge has buffet fare along with a noodle bar where staff prepare meals on request.

There are also showers, although we suggest booking a shower suite as soon as you arrive to avoid lengthy waiting times.

A spokesman for Cathay Pacific tells Australian Business Traveller that "options for an alternative location (for the arrivals lounge) are limited and not suitable."

However, "to help our Marco Polo Club members feel rejuvenated after arrival on Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon flights in Hong Kong, we have partnered with Pure Fitness where Diamond and Gold members will be offered complimentary one-day access to either Pure Yoga or Pure Fitness in Hong Kong up to 12 times per year."


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14 Apr 2013

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Wow, Wonder what brought this on?

The Arrival has always been a blessing especially after CX138. The longest I have waited has been 1/2 hour.

12 Feb 2013

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I suspect that either the lease on the space is up and CX didn't want to renew it and/or the fact that Plaza Premium Group no longer manages the CX lounges in HK and this is the last Lounge managed by them, mind you it's the same people and food as offered in the Plaza Premium Lounge across the road from The Arrival.

23 Oct 2018

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The simple fact is that the Airport Authority is completely renovating and expanding Terminal 2 and the CX lounge (halfway between the two terminals in that weird corridor) is going to get demolished as part of this. So yes, the airport is taking back the lounge and not providing another area for CX to put one. So not exactly CX's fault. I myself never used it.

23 Oct 2018

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Further to this, CX is giving all Marco Polo Club members access to the excellent Pure gyms and yoga places up to 12 times a year as a result. They're all in town and very good. Gym is a bad description ... more leisure clubs.

14 Oct 2016

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T2 is being expanded as part of the 3RS (third runway) expansion so the space is being taken back. I guess the PP lounge opposite will be on the way out too!

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

29 Jul 2014

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A great shame , it was an excellent and welcome facility
I noticed that Diners Club cardholders can also access the Plaza Premium Lounge opposite

20 Jun 2014

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Does anyone know whether the Plaza Premium Arrival Lounge opposite will iron your shirt? This (in addition to the showers) was a major benefit of the Arrival for me. Meant I could head straight to the office not looking like a disheveled traveller.

24 Apr 2012

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I've used the Plaza arrivals lounge several times and can't say a pressing service has ever been offered. Wait times for the showers can also be an hour or more in the mornings, which I suspect will only become longer as passengers who'd have otherwise gone to Cathay Pacific's lounge start using Plaza's lounge if they have access.

21 Aug 2015

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As a long haul flyer Arrivals Lounges are a very valued asset for an airline to offer. I'm surprised more carriers don't understand this benefit attracts business travelers, especially as hotels push back room access times.

20 Jun 2014

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I checked with Plaza Premium - no ironing service at the Arrivals lounge. Boo. Will probably change my flight habits to arrive in the evenings.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

29 Jul 2014

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Diners Club also grant access to the landside Plaza Lounge according to their website

23 Jul 2012

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That's inconvenient, but it always felt like a 'cupboard under the stairs'.

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