China Eastern chauffeur drive service for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane

By David Flynn, January 11 2018
China Eastern chauffeur drive service for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane

China Eastern Airlines is now offering a free chauffeur drive service for business class and first class flyers on its routes between Australia, Shanghai and Beijing.

The complimentary service is limited to a radius of 35km from Sydney Airport, 45km in Melbourne, 40km in Brisbane, and 60km in Shanghai or Beijing.

There are also a few condition and caveats:

  • there's only one free transfer per flight: so if you decide to book your driver for a China Eastern flight from Sydney, for example, you won't qualify for a chauffeur at Shanghai
  • according to China Eastern, the chauffeur service for Beijing airports is available only for flights MU711, MU712, MU227 and MU728 (which shuttle between Sydney and Beijing via Hangzhou and Nanjing)
  • codeshares through local partner Qantas are not eligible
  • you need to request your driver via "at least seven working days" before your flight – this has to be done at China Eastern's Limo Service Application website
  • if you change your booking after the application has been lodged, you'll be up for a hefty $150 fee

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25 Jun 2012

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What happens if booked through Qantas?

24 Oct 2010

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Doesn't apply to codeshares (we'll add this to the article)

06 May 2013

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Must be on MU stock. So no dice if you book from QF.

Paid or award.

07 Aug 2012

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Are award tickets eligible?

07 Nov 2017

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The original article does state codeshares are not eligible

07 Nov 2017

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Sorry eligible

04 May 2015

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A $150 fee to change a chauffeur booking? That's insane: it wouldn't cost that much just to pay for a driver in the first place, which you may as well do instead of paying that fee.

06 May 2013

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Looks like must be on China Eastern stock and paid not award

Tickets must be issued on China Eastern ticket stocks begin with 781

This Limo service is applicable for certain business or first class (U/F/P/J/C/D/Q/I)

Award ticket for MU on First is A and Business is O

Just booked a flight from Sydney to China and China to Amsterdam with China Eastern. Tried to book; got an email back saying that because my flight back was with another airline they wouldn’t give a limo service?!? What the heck, it’s two international flights to the other side of the world and it’s not enough it seems. Load of absolute rubbish!

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