Shafted by change of Qantas aircraft

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This is part-whinge/part-warning after I vaguely remember articles/posts about the A330s flying domestic leg.

I booked a flight and discovered it was in fact an A330. I promptly submitted an upgrade request so I could experience the new business class and was immediately upgraded. It’s 6am flight, so I wasn’t exactly doing it for the food or booze.

Of course, Qantas have changed the aircraft now to a 737. And of course, they didn’t tell me, didn’t know until I discovered it by accident.

I’m now 10k points worse off, I’d ring up to ask to cancel it, but knowing Qantas and it’s customer service, I’d either not be able to actually get through, waste way too much of my time and/or they’d tell me “too bad”.

Another great example of how poor Qantas is right now.


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I think before complaining you should try to either get your points back, or potentially change flight to another A330 flight. Obviously there is a lot to juggle right now, and I am by no means defending QF, but the world is upside down... Unfortunately the reality is that things change, and you definitely can ask the question. I rang as a bronze on Monday and was through in 10mins, and solved both my questions. Maybe give it a try....



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This is clearly a don’t ask don’t get situation. I’ve had that situation and got a refund of points.


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I can also confirm that Qantas wait times have improved drastically over the last couple of weeks. I’m also a bronze and have had to call three times about a refund (a whole other story!) and I’ve got through in 15-30 mins each time.


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The T's & C's clearly say that the aircraft type may change at anytime. I understand the frustration, but it's essential a gamble you've taken... just didn't pay off this time. Enjoy the breakfast.


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You'll be lucky if you get to fly at all! remember, these days Qantas = delays + cancellations.


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@TJS - sure Qantas is legally able to change aircraft but their contractual rights and customer experience are two very different things.

These days you just don't know: 1) whether your Qantas flight will actually take off; 2) whether it will be horrendously delayed; or 3) what aircraft it will be on.

I've had maybe 5 717 sectors where I upgraded changed to Dash 8s at the last minute. (They don't refund the points unless you hound them multiple times). I booked a flight recently to the US where I deliberately changed my plans to book on the A380 (with the prospect of a first upgrade) only to be dumped on a 787 with no notification or communication at all from Qantas.

Sure Qantas is legally able to do all this but as someone who gives them close to 40-80K in revenue year to year it sure is annoying.

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